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Home education - A levels

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neuroticmumof3 Sun 10-Apr-11 20:15:01

Does anyone know if it's possible to home educate to A level standard? I've looked on the home education websites but they don't seem to mention post 16 education. My son has asperger's and simply can't cope with the school environment. He doesn't want to go to 6th form but does want to do A levels. Any advice would be gratefully received.

haggis01 Sun 10-Apr-11 20:27:14

It is possible. Some schools will let you sit the exam and many Pearson centres (High St driving test centres)also let you sit them - although it costs about £90.

I think not many HE sites mention them as a lot of kids decide to go to 6th form or FE college at that stage for the social life and some by pass A levels and do OU courses but I have known children do A levels at home.

there is a yahoo group for Home educators who are taking exams which you could subscribe to - they have lots of info and experienced members.I think it is called but it is awhile since I used it

Saracen Mon 11-Apr-11 05:28:35

Possibly another reason why A-levels aren't mentioned so much on HE websites is because any education before or after compulsory education age doesn't technically count as "home education." The principles are the same, of course.

The email list haggis mentioned would be a good starting point.

Good luck with it!

Oh, by the way you might also want to investigate colleges with autism units attached. Several young people in my area were home educated at secondary and then went on to make use of the autism unit at our local college. Their parents are full of praise for the support given by this unit (Oxford and Cherwell Valley College, Blackbird Leys branch). If you are lucky enough to have a good one nearby then that might be another option.

fivecandles Mon 11-Apr-11 08:14:57

I think some subjects would be easier than others. I imagine science would be very tricky given the practical element.

needafootmassage Mon 11-Apr-11 11:57:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sugarfoot Mon 11-Apr-11 15:09:54

It is possible to do A levels from home using tutors. This is of course easiest if you are somewhere like London where there are plenty, and can afford this route...

Milliways Mon 11-Apr-11 21:51:47

DDs friend was Home Educated right through to the Int.Bacc and has a very succesful career now.

mummytime Mon 11-Apr-11 22:19:30

You can't do the IB by HE, its against the philosophy of the qualification, unless someone can correct me?

Jamillalliamilli Mon 11-Apr-11 23:27:28

Hi, we're doing some A/S (and some more GCSE's) at the moment, with text books and anthologies, rather feeling our way in the dark and learning the pitfalls as we go. (still in compulsory education and going for them early) It's possible but anything with coursework you need to find an authenticator for and it's important to understand exam technique. ( check out examiners comments on exam board sites, very helpful)
PS, also ASD

Milliways Tue 12-Apr-11 16:19:48

?Mummytime. Maybe I got it wrong and it was an IB equivalent. All I know is he was HE'd from when they arrived in the country through to age 17 (took all exams a year early) and he was very successful.

wordfactory Wed 13-Apr-11 07:52:15

Friends who HE all their kids have just arranged for their DS to go to school for A levels as he is taking sciences and felt he needed proper labs at his disposal.

I should add that he has hardly any GCSEs but was still offered places at three highly selective schools (one state, two independent).

happilyconfused Wed 13-Apr-11 08:47:33

Yes you should be able to do this. Check subject requirements to make sure there are no practical exams or coursework requirements. Also find a school or local college that will allow external candidates. Each subject/board has authorised text books and revision books and helpfully will have a suggested scheme of work that you could follow. If you are not fully confident in the subjects then getting some tutors is a great idea.

Time management and application will be important. Nearer exam time you could get an A level teacher to give exam advice on each subject to help with preparation.

Good luck

Cornucopia55 Tue 14-Mar-17 09:08:10

Yes, you're right - there is no way of doing the IB from home-ed. Lots of us have investigated. Maybe in the past?

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