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Kip Mc Grath, Y5 English. What do you think?

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erebus Fri 01-Apr-11 12:06:05

I am considering, amongst other avenues, sending DS2 to KMG to try and nail his issues with writing English.

Anyone have any recent experience? What does it cost now? I am guessing £30 a session with 4 in a class?

BrigitBigKnickers Fri 01-Apr-11 12:52:59

My DD did Kip for her 11+ (she passed her 11+ and common entrance to an Independent school) and I know others who have used it to help DCs catch up. I was very impressed with the tuition centre we went to as were many other parents who also took their DCs there.

I think the sessions were about £25 for about 80 minutes with 4 in the class but the more sessions you book the cheaper it gets (I used to book them in blocks of about 6 and think the cost averaged out at about £23 per session.)

erebus Fri 01-Apr-11 18:09:21

Bump for the evening, (post-tutoring?smile) crowd!

erebus Sat 02-Apr-11 19:33:02


lateSeptember1964 Sun 03-Apr-11 09:19:13

Used Kip for my ds2 for GCSE support and for ds4 when he was in year 5 as a booster. Absolutely delighted with the results and will no doubt use it in the future.

BarkisIsWilling Sun 03-Apr-11 12:52:10

Do a search on mumsnet. I ,amongst others, have contributed to KMcG threads before. Good luck.

whatstream Mon 04-Apr-11 22:04:17

watching with interest; i have just enrolled my dd yr4 in kip mcgrath for english, due to needing to catch up.

erebus Fri 24-Jun-11 17:08:28

Bump-from the past!

How is your DD doing, whatstream?

I have just applied for an assessment for DS2 to see what we can do to improve his written English. The school tell me he is above average in maths and reading but borderline for writing. I was sure dyslexia was playing a part but I am now not quite so convinced.

I think it will be worth giving it a go!

Question- id KMcG just term-time?

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