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SWLondon..Emanuel vs Graveney

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Feelingthestrain Sun 06-Mar-11 09:23:28

Just under 24 hrs before we have to pay a very large cheque to secure a place at Emanuel (independent) or go with selective place at Graveney (state). If these are choices that you have considered, what would you do?

irisjohnson Sun 06-Mar-11 11:36:42

Please could you go with Emanuel so the distance for Graveney places stretches a few metres further and we would be a step closer to getting ds2 and dd in as siblings in future years.(Ds has a selective place this year.) Thank you.

(I do realise this is not at all helpful but have no knowledge of Emanuel so can't give any useful advice.)

holymary Sun 06-Mar-11 14:55:48

My son is at Emanuel (Year 7 ) and it suits him very well. He has settled in and is very happy. I feel he is being challenged and stretched. He is not hugely academic by any means, but has developed more interest in schoolwork as a result of being there than what he had in primary. He also is thrilled with the sport at Emanuel and really enjoys it. I gather music is good there too, but my DS is not into music.

I don't know that much about Graveney except through hearsay that it is very good. I think you need to speak to some Graveney parents. I think you would find that Emanuel parents are pretty supportive of the school (of course, after all they pay for it) but I know there can be slightly different views about the parents of boys who go there, and the parents of girls who go there.
Where would your child rather go?

Feelingthestrain Sun 06-Mar-11 18:02:30

Thanks Irisjohnson...totally understand your predicament re cathment. It is absolutely crazy how small the catchment area is for graveney.
Holymary, thanks also for your comments. You are obviously very happy with the choice you made and that is reassuring. Did you look at any state schools or where you always keen to take the independent option?

Ben10isthespawnofthedevil Sun 06-Mar-11 18:30:31

I was a graveney pupil quite " few years ago and it is still the same head teacher even now. It is a great school and if I still lived in the area I would be doing anything to get ds into it. My parents moved in 1986 to get me in as even then it had a great reputation

Feelingthestrain Sun 06-Mar-11 19:40:04

Thanks Ben10, it's lovely to hear such good feedback.(perhaps the head should give you a job in PR!)You have really reassured me.

generalhaig Sun 06-Mar-11 20:30:05

tbh, with a choice between Emanuel and Graveney I'd go for Graveney every time

if it were a choice between one of the other, more academic, independents and Graveney I'd probably go for the independent option

irisjohnson Sun 06-Mar-11 21:20:15

You're both saying the wrong things! I need people to drop out ... Oh well, maybe your dc and my ds1 will end up being friends, feelingthestrain.

holymary Mon 07-Mar-11 09:36:35

We live too far from Graveney so it was never an option for us when distance from home has to be taken into account. We went through the independent options/hoops. Emanuel is a quick walk for us.
Good luck in your choice. I have heard good things about Graveney, but I think a lot depends on your finances, your child and what strengths each school might play to.

michaelaB Mon 07-Mar-11 19:09:21

Emanuel is a great school and good value. Go for it!

CrystalChandelier Wed 09-Mar-11 08:03:56

Which school did you choose Feelingthestrain?

In same situation last year - choice between Graveney, Emanuel and another indie - and went with Graveney. DS's choice, and right one for him I think.

Feelingthestrain Wed 09-Mar-11 22:19:13

Hi all,thank you for your responses. It's been a difficult decision and let's be honest, we will never ever know if we have made the right decision, but a decision has been reached....and we have gone with Graveney just as you did ChrysatlChandelier. I just hope that in a year's time I will be as positive as you are! Very reassuring to hear from you CC. Thank you for all your comments so far.

Just out of interest, do Graveney offer any sort of getting to know you day prior to the children joining, or do we now have to wait for the beginning of the autumn term? I think my child has almost forgotten which school was which as our visits were some time ago now.

CrystalChandelier Thu 10-Mar-11 08:21:43

Good call! Congrats - though appreciate it's a toughie - thought Emanuel was extremely impressive - Mr HB in particular - and can see why parents love it.

Yes, Graveney had a taster day in the summer term, which I seem to remember was thoroughly enjoyed by DS. I got so excited on his behalf that day I forgot it wasn't me that was actually going to be going.

Feelingthestrain Thu 10-Mar-11 08:40:47

Brilliant re taster day!!

Many many thanks CC you have been a real help.

Ben10isthespawnofthedevil Thu 10-Mar-11 13:52:25

I had to check the website just to reminisce!

Your DS will have a great time and I am sure will benefit from the inclusive environment as we all learnt to be tolerant of different incomes, IQs and ethnicity at Graveney even though I left in 1995 a long time ago blush

Feelingthestrain Thu 10-Mar-11 16:56:45

Thanks Ben10!

Doingmybestmum Mon 15-May-17 16:17:05

Just in case anyone is still interested in this thread I cannot recommend Graveney enough. DD A A A* A levels just finished at Bristol, her DP (met there) has a pupilage and will be a barrister at 22, thanks to Graveney and York - get a place if you can. x

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