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Wimbledon Common Prep (Squirrels) VS The Rowans in Wimbledon

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mamabibi Sat 19-Feb-11 18:36:23

Hi, I am a newbie here and really appreciate your input.

Recently my DS got an offer at both places and my aim is to, if possible, prepare him to King's College Junior school. I understand that both belong to KCS but I heard more academic reputation at Squirrels. Also majority of kids entering KCS are from here. However, the Rowans seems to be less academic but more balanced in learning and playing. They offer my DS a place from nursery onwards to year 3, which we don't have to bother with school changing for several years. Which one will you choose? I and my husband are both from abroad and don't know much our ways around here.

Many thanks in advance for any replies/advices.

onceamai Sat 19-Feb-11 19:12:06

If your child's bright enought to get into KCJS he will get in whether you send him to Squirrels or Rowans (or a local state primary). Send him to the school you feel the most comfortable with and where you feel he will be happiest and take the advice of the head about the next steps.

wobblypig Sat 19-Feb-11 21:56:05

Mamabibi- which school do you like ? We tried to get in to both but didn't register early enough. I liked Rowans.

Deaddei Sun 20-Feb-11 13:17:29

There is a recent thread somewhere about concerns with Squirrels pastoral care.

Toughasoldboots Sun 20-Feb-11 13:31:25

Squirrels had a really poor ofsted for pastoral care- you should be able to find it by googling. I think they were called in due to concerns.

missfairlie Sun 20-Feb-11 17:27:10

Apparently Rowans got in all the boys it sat for Kings (it gives the parents quite a strong steer whether it will be suitable I think). Squirrels mums say King's have made enormous changes since that Ofsted which was a while ago now - the head and several teachers have gone.
Personally I can't see King's (its owners) allowing it to remain with a bad reputation/reports, hence the changes.
Myself, I didn't like Rowans, although it's very popular round here - and it was some time ago I looked.

mamabibi Sun 20-Feb-11 21:08:18

Thank you all for your replies. Very much appreciated.

Onceamai, you are right about being bright by person. But I also believe having a good guidance and being in the right environment take up another half success.

Wobblypig, we signed him up quite early, when my DS was about 2 months old. Personally, I prefer Squirrels but my husband prefers Rowans and we have to decide by next week when we need to pay deposit to the Rowans.

I saw the ofsted report on pastoral care at Squirrels. Some Squirrels mums say their boys are still happy there and they can make it to King's, so this doesn't bother me much. I just believe in environment and track records. Squirrels has high successful rate so it means they are good at that. Students there are thriving for the same goal, hence, the end justifies the means.

Missfairlie, why didn't you like Rowans at that time? Now they have a new Headmistress in, young and energetic. This is a good sign, however, still too early to judge.

sanam2010 Sun 08-Jun-14 21:58:57

slightly off topic but can anyone tell me which the most popular nursery / preschools are that children who go on to Rowans / Squirrels attend between 2 and 4? Looking not so much fro daycare but for preschools. thanks.

coffeeaddict Mon 09-Jun-14 17:21:11

Wimbledon Montessori is lovely. In the village, in the church hall in Lingfield (?) Road. I think. Best to turn up in person and get the form.

Primafacie Mon 16-Jun-14 19:38:14

DS and DD went to Castle Kindergarten on Henfield road and got offers from all the local selective pre preps (Rowans, Squirrels, WHS, PHS, HC, etc).

I have also heard great things about Church Hall.

extraneous Wed 18-Jun-14 22:02:40

Maria Montessori (Spencer Hill) has lots of children from the village.

Yasminak Thu 25-Sep-14 20:57:36

My two go to nurture nursery in raynes park. My eldest, 3, is in the upper preschool room. I've been very impressed - very academic but also based around play. She starts reception 2015 at the rowans and can already write/ spell her name and several others and is now starting to sound out words

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