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alernative schools in london

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Lulu9 Wed 12-Oct-05 01:00:34

hello... my family and i are coming to london from the u.s. this november through march 2006 while my husband works there. we have 2 daughters, ages 9 and 12 1/2. i have contacted the st. paul's steiner school in islington and find them to be wonderful over the phone. i'm wondering if any of you out there have any personal experience or opinions about the school that you are willing to share or if you have any other suggestions for a progressive/alternative school that might be willing to accept our girls on a temporary basis. thank you!

NotQuiteCockney Wed 12-Oct-05 07:27:09

I think alternative schools are a bit thin on the ground here - most schools are either state schools, fairly traditionnal, or independant schools, and even more traditionnal.

The St Paul's Steiner School is the only one I know of in London, but I only know about it because it's (somewhat) near where I live.

Are your daughters already in a Steiner school in the US?

sybille Wed 12-Oct-05 09:16:12

Don't know anything about St Pauls but have you heard of King Alfred in Hampstead? That's a very progressive school. Welcome to mumsnet by the way, hope you get some answers.

bakabat Wed 12-Oct-05 09:27:16

There's the greenwich steiner school as well- I found them to be very welcoming and supportive at a very difficult time. However they are fairly new and I'm not sure what age they go up to.

bakabat Wed 12-Oct-05 09:28:36

(I went to greenwich parents and toddlers btw- we moved from London so stopped going.)

Eaney Wed 12-Oct-05 14:53:50

The first steiner school in the UK was established in Streatham (South London). It is still there.

goldenoldie Thu 13-Oct-05 08:37:25

I live near the St Pauls Steiner school in Islington too. Been told that it caters very well for children with SEN/dyslexia/behavioural problems and has a high proportion of children with additional needs.

Lulu9 Thu 13-Oct-05 19:04:25

thank you all for your input. our daughters are currently at a community school loosly based on the steiner principles. we, the parents and teacher, have co-created our own curriculum culling from various modalities and methods. i did contact king alfred's in hampstead, but they immediately said they were full.

thank you again for your insights... all are helpful!

glorybe Sun 17-Feb-13 15:32:28

I have children at King Alfred but I find it disappointingly neither alternative or progressive. Yes, they have no uniform and call the teachers by their first name. But in many other respects it just follows the national curriculum in a standard way, without exciting teaching methods or any sort of passion. It is relaxed and no homework until Year 4 but if you want your child excited or stretched - not sure if this is the right school.

Lostonthemoors Sun 17-Feb-13 15:33:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

eatyourveg Mon 18-Feb-13 08:27:06

Blimey - I've never seen an 8 yr old thread resurrected before!

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