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List of fantastic non-selective state/cheaper private schools for boys/coed in/around London

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figcake Fri 21-Jan-11 14:08:58

Right, I am planning ahead for DS for secondary as he is apparently hard to teach in a conventional large class. I am looking for somewhere which will accommodate ermm 'characters' and provide strong pastoral care with an anti-bullying policy which is actually more than just a fancy document. I don't mind if it follows NC or not.

So far I have come up with just the one in Muswell Hill though the house prices in the catchment are shock for very average houses. I have questioned whether St Albans would be a possibility - is quite far out though not sure whether the commuting costs to London would prove to be a deal-breaker and it seemed a bit drab when we visited. I expect there are a few options in Surrey?? I would feel more comfortable with Surrey and Sussex than Herts though London would be easiest option all round.

I know that this is all a bit vague though I would appreciate your input. I have a DD though she is the type who would fit in anywhere which is why I am looking at it from DS' point of view.

IndigoBell Fri 21-Jan-11 15:35:47

What about the new Swedish academies in Twickenham? Not Private - but maybe will suit him?

I also here St Christophers recommended a lot - but can't find out which St Christophers (will get back to you...)

IndigoBell Fri 21-Jan-11 15:38:19

Found it. St Christophers. I don't know it personally, but have often seen it recommended.....

PollyMorfic Fri 21-Jan-11 17:07:31

Acland Burghley has a very strong anti-bullying and peer-support system. It's kind of a poor man's Fortismere. Very funky, bit rough on the outside, and obv very mixed socially, but a fun positive experience for a very wide range of kids.

figcake Fri 21-Jan-11 17:38:55

I know of a few kids at St Chris - I think it is in Herts though? I had not considered AB though I will look into it now. I am not sure what the catchment area covers though I am not sure houses around there would be much cheaper than Muswell Hill? Anyway, a useful lead (I suppose Haverstock would also be an option).

figcake Fri 21-Jan-11 17:40:22

Indigo - I didn't know they were state-funded and stupidly imagined they were for Swedish pupils only?? I love SW London though so I'll see what the deal is, thanks

WoodRose Fri 21-Jan-11 17:42:45

Out of interest, which school in Muswell Hill is ticking your boxes? I too have a DS who would benefit from smaller classes and a strong anti-bullying ethos.

IndigoBell Fri 21-Jan-11 17:45:12

Twickenham Academy

lazymumofteenagesons Fri 21-Jan-11 18:22:13

I have a son in yr 11 at St. chris. It caters very well for 'characters' and has an almost non-selective intake. They have a school coach from london which starts in highgate goes via finsbury park, hampstead gdn suburb, finchley, mill hill and up A1. About 25% of son's year live in london, as does he. look at the website and see if their ethos suits. When the London kids are older from about year 8 upwards they often use the train which is less than half and hour from Kings Cross and less from finsbury park.

My son was day pupil for a couple of years and now weekly boards for the past 4 years.

figcake Fri 21-Jan-11 20:15:10

Twickenham looks great - I love the learning areas and I can't believe it is a state school. I will definitely be following it's progress and finding out more. I know that you can at least get something to show for your money in Twickenham - def does not seem to be the case with MuswellH.

It is the St Chris in Herts then? It has been highly recommended to me but I am looking for a school within walking distance of 'home' and I just can't see us moving in that direction as it very close to hot-housing territory and I would worry about the local intake. The Friend
s School in Saffron Waldon was another one I researched which also offered some flexibility.

figcake Fri 21-Jan-11 20:19:18

Woodrose - It is Fortismere but I don't think classes are smaller than average nor much about pastoral care. I just know it is crazily popular and inclusive. I don't much like the area as it has no Underground Station - in London, I would expect that if I were paying £££££s for a really average cottage-style home.

willow Sat 22-Jan-11 09:36:23

FYI twickenham academy used to be known as whittin school (iirk) and it was considered dire. New management will hopefully change that but, like Richmond park academy (previously sheen international) it has a lot of ground to catch up on if it's to change its previous reputation

willow Sat 22-Jan-11 09:37:40

Whitton not whittin!

figcake Sat 22-Jan-11 18:00:31

Oh dear confused

jackstarb Sat 22-Jan-11 19:26:32

Hampton Academy is operated by the same Swedish Company as the Twickenham Academy. But the original school (HCC) had a better reputation than Whitton.

If you like the Swedish model - it might be a better bet.

orienteerer Sat 22-Jan-11 19:28:24


figcake Sat 22-Jan-11 20:33:35

Thanks . I have not really given much thought to the Swedish model as such but I like the location once again, so will def look into it.

Orienteer - I cannot believe it is a state-school, albeit VA - looks far too much like a grand indie. I wonder how big the catchment is.

orienteerer Sat 22-Jan-11 20:45:06

figcake - Gordons catchment area is tiny, tiny, tiny!

figcake Sat 22-Jan-11 20:56:50

That is a surprise! Am I right in thinking it is somewhere near Woking?

orienteerer Sat 22-Jan-11 21:08:20

The address is Woking but it's actually right off J3 of the M3(Bagshot) on the south side between Lightwater & West End/Purbright

figcake Sat 22-Jan-11 21:22:03

Thanks I was looking at Woking from a non-school pov and def value-for-money by Surrey standards so maybe we could afford it- Are we on a flightpath around there? hmm

orienteerer Sun 23-Jan-11 08:08:37

I don't live in the area but shouldn't be on flight path except for some planes turning on take off. I don't have personal experience of the school only via friends, it is very, very over subscribed so I certainly wouldn't move house on the basis of expecting a place!

NL3 Sun 23-Jan-11 08:38:28

Fortismere have form groups of 24. But not all subject classes have 24 in them. The houses are mostly expensive in the catchment area but some roads are "cheaper" than others and there are flats in the catchment that are not too expensive. The N2 side is generally cheaper than the N10 side and is closer to the tube - no more than ten minutes walk. It's a great school.

figcake Sun 23-Jan-11 21:29:04

"so I certainly wouldn't move house on the basis of expecting a place"
but I am pretty much prepared to move right next door if the school suited DS - not sure even that would guarantee a place.

NL3 - interesting to hear about classes being smaller than average. Which tube would be closest to N2? I think it begins with F but Have not worked it out yet _ presumably not Wood Green though confused

I just wish that catchment areas were clearly shown on borough websites even if purely within the context of historic data. I know what the obvious problem is here, but it would make it a lot easier for people in my situation, expectations aside

NL3 Mon 24-Jan-11 10:17:34

East Finchley is the tube station in N2 - no more than a 20 minute walk from MH Broadway and there are buses. Last year the final place allocated was 0.6 miles away from the school. That will cover the Ringwood Estate, most of the County Roads in East Finchley (except the houses very closest to the High Road, over as far as Grasmere/Windermere Roads(off Alexandra Park Road) and most of the Coldfall Estate but not Osier Crescent. If you spot a house that you think is in catchment you can contact Haringey with the postcode and they will tell you whether the address would be in catchment. If I was buying with the sole purpose of getting into Fortismere I would not be comfortable with anything more than 0.4 miles away.

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