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Sixth Form Ballet Schools

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dancingdaughter Wed 12-Jan-11 20:15:18

I realise this is very specialised but does anyone have any experience of the residential ballet and dancing schools?

DD3 is auditioning for Central, Royal Ballet School, Tring, English National Ballet School and Elmstree for Sixth Form entry, and I was wondering if anyone had either went/ knew someone/ had a DC at any of these schools (any age) or if they had done the audition process? The rest of us have no musicality or dancing talent whatsoever so I have no idea what to expect, other that what her teacher has told us.

Obviously I think she would go with RBS if she got it, but it is so competitive that she would happily go to any of them. She has been a Junior, Mid and Senior Associate and a member of the London Children's Ballet since she was 8, and has done the summer courses at English Youth Ballet so from that perspective we know she is good, but you can never tell with these things..


WimpleOfTheBallet Thu 13-Jan-11 00:42:26

I had two seperate friends who at Tring and the other at Central. I can only tell you that the standard is very high and that my friends turned out to be very well rounded and healthy girls.

If DD gets in she will be very well looked after.

bambiandthumper Sat 15-Jan-11 14:38:30

I danced till I left school, and though I have no experience of any of the schools above I know it is very competitive.

However if she is good enough to get in and enjoys it i'm sure she will have a brilliant time.

Good Luck!!

surrealreality Sat 15-Jan-11 18:11:56

I used to teach childrens ballet (and failed the admissions process) I have the wrong body type for ballet and my turnout would never have been good enough no matter how well I danced. A good handful of my ex students went through the process and went on to study at ballet schools and then on into compnaies for performance. It is VERY tough and competitive but she would not have ben put forward without the talent. All my ex students had an amazing time and are delightful young men and women.
Good luck to your daughter.

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