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How to argue against a new admission to ds's already large class.

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jollyma Wed 12-Jan-11 16:21:44

Ds attends a small village school with a published admission number of 32 for key stage 2. In September an extra child was admitted due to an "administrative error" by the LEA taking the class upto 33. In January another child who moved into the village was admitted on appeal.

I have found out today that another appeal is to take place in 2 weeks. If this is successful the class will have 35 children.

The school is fairly short of space and doesn't have enough computers for over 34 children (working in pairs). There is also an issue with the size of the classroom used for year 4.

I understand from the head that the child is living out of area and has no special needs and so it is possible that the appeal will be refused.

Does anyone have any tips that may help. I am intending writing a letter to the LEA before the appeal, what information should I include? Am I completely wasting my time? Is it worth having a letter written by a solicitor?

Thanks in advance.

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