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illness& student loans

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jan2net Sun 09-Jan-11 17:34:21

How many of us realise that if our offspring become ill at Uni. & can't finish their course because of this, they are still liable to pay back in full the whole of the student loan. Plus there does not seem to be any way you can insure against this possibility.
The only way that a student loan can be cancelled is if the person is certified PERMANENTLY unfit for work or if they receive a disability related benefit.
My daughter got glandular fever in her 1st yr. and had to come home for the rest of that yr. She went back for the next yr. but became ill again as it developed into that was another yr. lost. She changed Uni. to do philosophy,hoping that she could read in bed, and completed a successful yr. Then she had a curtailed yr. again because of illness.4 yrs loan owed!! No degree.
She would dearly like to get back to study but is anxious about the size of her loan and doesn't want to add even more to it. The anxiety is making her poorly; and her doc. is aware of this.
Her M.P. is asking David Willets to change the law. Pls lobby!! Your child could be caught!

reallytired Mon 10-Jan-11 13:44:11

I took leave of absense during my second year for compassionate reasons. However I was lucky in that county paid the fees as it was 15 years ago. However I had to find the money for maintenance.

I think the problem is that your daughter went back to uni before she was medically fit. The Uni I went to was quite strict about proving medical fitness before returning to study. Maybe the problem with your dd uni was a bums on seat mentality rather than thinking if a student was physically capable of completing the course.

She is NOT a child as she is over 18. If she is suffering anxiety then she needs to overcome it before returning to study.

Prehaps a period of paid work would do her the world of good. She could save towards the costs of uni as well. I learnt a lot about life being a kitchen assistant in a pub for six months. There is more to life than getting a degree.

As far as student loans go, you do not have to pay them back until you are earning 15K. Even then I think they are planing to raise the threshold to 21K

Could your dd not get credits for her study and compete her degree through the OU. I know that my post is a little harsh and I do feel your dd.

I think that the problem that your dd is experience is the ablity to transfer credits between courses, rather than the student loans system.

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