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Help Needed with PE Behaviour please!

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b1uebells Thu 06-Jan-11 18:43:56

Would really appreciate some tips from any teachers out there who can give me some
Tips on behaviour management in PE lessons with reception children.

I am in the hall with 30 of them on my own and i could really do with some tips as they are not very good at listening in the hall!

I have some pairs who prob should not be paired together but i don't have the option of not taking them in if you see what i mean!!

DrSeuss Thu 06-Jan-11 21:14:02

Have you tried telling them before they go in that the ones who go in in the quietest way will get a sticker? Then you can keep handing out the small rewards at short intervals for those that meet your targets eg, everyone who does X without noise will get a sticker. Or put them in groups of four or five and have a mini whiteboard/chart on sugar paper on which you give points to the teams for both work and attitude. Have the groups compete for a reward or priveledge at the end of the lesson and then go forward in a half termly league table. The reward need not be an object such as a toy and should probably not be sweets. (Choosing ten minutes of a video for the class? Choosing a game that the class will play?) If you didn't do so at the beginning of the year, or even if you did, spend some time going over your rules and requirements for lessons.(We will enter the room quietly and everyone will listen when I put my hand in the air) as well as consequences. Don't be afraid to give time outs or even march the whole lot back to the classroom to try re-entering the hall. Use lots of positive words, eg, I really like the way X is sitting so nicely. It's great how Y always listens so carefully. As my PGCE tutor always said, catch them being good.
Good luck. Let me know how you go on.

b1uebells Thu 06-Jan-11 21:25:28

Thanks sounds good, will let you know how I get on :D

DrSeuss Fri 07-Jan-11 11:10:52

Also, have you tried counting down to silence? (We're going to be silent in 5-4-3-2-1- SILENCE)
And silence has to mean silence, not nearly silence. Talking over noise tells them you're OK with them talking while you are. Some allowance should probably be made for their age, I suppose. (I'm actually secondary MFL).
Also, double check your SOW/lesson prep. Is it too hard? Is it too easy? does it move fast enough or are you dwelling on things too long? A change of activity every ten minutes or so can be good.

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