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Teaching Business Studies - any views?

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GnomeDePlume Mon 03-Jan-11 22:32:02

I'm a qualified accountant and will shortly be made redundant. For the last few years I have been working in training. I'm thinking of making a career change into teaching Business Studies in the 14-19 age group.

Are there any Business Studies teachers here? How did you get into teaching? Would you recommend it?

lovecheese Tue 04-Jan-11 09:31:22

Is teaching your vocation?

GnomeDePlume Tue 04-Jan-11 13:14:02

lovecheese - I'm not sure how to define a vocation. I'm a training manager now and really enjoy that 'penny drop' moment when someone in a class says 'oh I see now'. I dont get so much classroom time now as my company has cut back on travel.

jinglebellssantasmells Tue 04-Jan-11 13:15:50

i will be following this thread i would also like to make the move into teaching business studies 14-19 age group

GnomeDePlume Tue 04-Jan-11 14:04:40

I have been looking at this: options/school-centred-training.aspx

This is apparently aimed at people who are perhaps a bit older (covers me then!).

happilyconfused Tue 04-Jan-11 21:27:28

Yes I did this. Made redundant in very late thirties. I followed the PGCE route and did not find it hard to get a post. After one year I was made HoD. Though challenging at first I am really pleased I made the switch as I can now be on leave at the same time as my children.

You will need to spend a couple of days observing in a school. I have already had three people in this year. E-mail your local schools but do it this half term if you are looking for a Sept start at college. Do not mention that you will come in for free to do this which is what one person told me as it makes you sound like a right t**t and the school will say no straight away. I always get my observers to see a couple of challenging classes as well as my business classes.

You will also need to be able to offer another subject. Most of my cohort offered ICT or maths but most now have a full time business and economics timetable. Business is only offered in KS4 and KS5 so you will not see Yr 7 to 9 in most schools.

I do not know of anyone who went down the in-school training route as that seems to be mostly English, Maths, ICT and Science peeps.

If you are aiming to start the PGCE in Sept 2011 you need to get your skates on in order to secure a place.

Good luck

GnomeDePlume Tue 04-Jan-11 21:52:32

Happilyconfused - many thanks for this.

What level of qualification is need for the other subject please? My degree is accountancy and I am a qualified accountant so there isnt a lot of variety there. On the other hand I have a Post Graduate Dip in online & distance education - of late a lot of my training has been web based (where I do the development myself). Would that help for offering ICT? Obviously as an accountant spreadsheets rule my world as well.

happilyconfused Wed 05-Jan-11 13:09:41

Clearly you are fine for Business and that is what your training school placements will focus on. You may get the opportunity to deliver some KS3 ICT as there are always Powerpoint and Excel units to deliver.

The second subject maybe sprung on you at a school interview or after your first year of teaching. You do not always need a qualification to deliver it. If you wanted to teach maths then the school would expect a strong maths content in your degree course, but for other subjects then experience is just as good.

Some schools now offer A level in Accountancy so you should be in a strong position.

GnomeDePlume Wed 05-Jan-11 22:03:46

Happilyconfused - thank you again!

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