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Which London School & the South-East

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EditorAlex Tue 21-Dec-10 12:51:52


I am an editor at a publishers and am looking to Mumsnetters for some advice...

We publish a range of guidebooks to independent schools in the UK - Which School?; Which School? for Special Needs; Preparatory Schools; and Which London School? & the South-East.

The front of each directory contains some editorial features to help guide parents in choosing the most suitable school for their child.

I am just beginning to put together the 2011/12 edition of the book and wondered what topics in particular parents might find useful for us to cover.

For example, last year we had a feature supplied by Mumsnet about Surviving the school run - which we will again carry this year.

Are there any topics you think would be useful for us to cover? They could be London-specific or not; any subject on which you think there needs to be more information for parents when they come to considering independent education for their child.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

pippop1 Tue 21-Dec-10 23:24:31

How to politely contact staff if concerned about your child?

Quality of school food?

MrsFogi Tue 21-Dec-10 23:35:42

I'd like to see the following covered in relation to each school:
Cost of after-school activities (there is a great variation between schools from those who try to profit from extra-curricular activities to those who see them as part of providing a rounded education).
Destinations of leavers (not wooly lists of destinations over the past few years - percentages/specific numbers/years).
Can form teachers be contacted by email (or not) for non-urgent queries.

horsemadmom Wed 22-Dec-10 00:10:56

Homework policies. How much at each stage.

Cost of school uniform and kit.

Feeders. I think that parents need to be urged to think about the type of senior school they would ultimately like and work backwards. It will also tell parents where they will be driving to for playdates and parties.

How stable the staff is. If teachers are happy, then the school is probably a happy place. However, if no one ever progresses up a career structure then your child may be taught by tired dinosaurs.

What happens if a selective school diagnoses SEN?

Percentage of siblings admitted to selective schools.

Parent's guilds. Cliquish or welcoming?

How working parent friendly are the schools? After school clubs/childcare? Dealing with nannies?

I could go on but I'm a freelance writer so you'd have to pay me.

goinggetstough Wed 22-Dec-10 08:39:47

- percentage of full boarders with definition of what full boarding means at that particular school.
- if a prep boarding school how many boarders are in the lowers years. Often school give a blanket percentage for full boarders for the whole school. This can be misleading if you are looking at boarding an 8/9/10 year old.

EditorAlex Wed 22-Dec-10 10:13:24

Thanks, people. Some really useful ideas here.

I had considered a feature on school food when putting together the editorial for one of our other guides, Preparatory Schools 2011. I think I will definitely try and source something for Which London School? & the South-East.

I also like the homework idea: will try and find a willing Head to discuss independent schools' approach to studying at home.

Thanks again for your help.

Azure Wed 22-Dec-10 14:17:38

Does the school charge extra for learning support? At DS1's previous school it cost an extra £1,000 per term for 2 sessions a week (he has mild dyslexia); at his new school there is no additional cost.

LeakMyWiki Wed 22-Dec-10 14:18:39

Media requests surely?

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