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ASD transition to school

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scaryjane Wed 01-Dec-10 21:36:43

I have lots buzzing around my head here - please help me to clarify my thoughts ( or throw in some I haven't had yet )

My DS (1st child, new to this process!) was diagnosed Autistic Spectrum last year aged 2 and 1/2. His birthday is mid June so relatively young for school year group. He has not ever been left before in a creche/nursery/preschool/CM etc mostly due to his anxieties and communication difficulties.

He is due to start primary in Sept 2011 aged 4.3, and we are in the process of applying.

He is only just in the last month or so showing signs of readiness for preschool / school (IMO) at age 3.4.

We have found a primary we feel will suit him, and we have commenced the statement process. The school does not have a Nursery/Preschool attached.

I would like a gentle, gradual introduction to school, hopefully with support if statement process allows (and if it doesn't we will certainly appeal!). I have met HT, ruminated a bit, now going back to meet HT and hopefully SENCO with DH.

I am considering either:
A) a deferred entry - ie Jan or following year even. Have been advised by HT not to defer entry as will fall behind year group, won't travel a year behind so would start in Y1.
B) a preschool / playgroup placement starting soon, in preparation for FT school Sept.
C) part time entry in Sept until we feel he is ready for FT school

My preferred option is C (I think) and need to decide whether a preschool is still necessary if he will be PT in Reception. I envisage just mornings until we feel he's ready for full days.

Home schooling is definitely an option, but would like to explore the option of school to see if it helps bring along his social skills and interactions. If it traumatises him he will be out in a heart beat and home schooled.

Gah, so much to think about, difficult to know what to do for the best - and hard to be sure as not completed statement process yet - don't know what support LA will offer . . .

Please, anyone been through similar? can you advise or share your experiences? is there option D that I haven't considered??

(Sorry to ramble)

DJAngel Wed 01-Dec-10 21:45:29

Hi there - just saw this as I'm about to log off but I'm sure you'll also get some really useful responses from parents who've been through these issues if you post this on the Special Needs forum as well.. Just a thought - and hope you get some useful replies from others who'll be along.. Good luck!

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 01-Dec-10 21:49:35

Message withdrawn

scaryjane Wed 01-Dec-10 21:56:05

Ah fab, thanks - will copy and paste over there!

scaryjane Wed 01-Dec-10 22:07:19

new thread here

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