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compulsory school age raised to 18 effective date? do children with sen have priority into 6th form college

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maria1225 Wed 24-Nov-10 11:16:27

Does anyone know when of if the compulsory school age of 18 for children takes effect?

Children with SEn are they still have priority for 6th form?

if not and they don't achieve the required grades for 6th form college what are they expected to go to?

jackstarbright Wed 24-Nov-10 11:46:54


"The change will take effect in 2013 for 17-year-olds and 2015 for 18-year-olds"

From Wikipedia - but I've seen it elsewhere.

It's not just SEN pupils - what happens to any pupil who doesn't qualify for 6th form (or indeed isn't inclined to do A'levels)?

I hope the FE colleges are gearing up hmm.

roisin Wed 24-Nov-10 17:52:53

So children currently in yr9 will have to stay until they are 17.
Children in yr7 will have to stay until they are 18.

If schools have 11-18 provision (rather than just 11-16), then they may be making arrangements for students to stay on to do courses other than traditional A levels.

If the schools are currently 11-16, then many plan to stay that way. The post-16 provision will be arranged between 6th form colleges, FE colleges and any other providers of education who want to get involved.

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