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english education in 2nd year at a scottish secondary

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suz7065 Fri 12-Nov-10 14:02:06

Would appreciate some feedback on the subject of english teaching. My 13 year old daughter is in 2nd year at high school & after a most enjoyable and interesting 1st year of english teaching, she now has a supply teacher who i feel is just filling time. She has been reading 'skellig' since mid august, EVERY lesson is spent with the teacher reading the book to the class, usually some of the kids will read parts of it too. Then they answer worksheet questions on the book. She says they have mostly no or minimal discussion on the book in class, and she and others struggle to stay awake. She has had no english homework/personal research this year apart from reading the book. My husband was at an open night at the school last week and found that 50% of her school jotter was illustrations and mind-maps about the book. I'm worried about the lack of writing and involved discussion in her class.The head of dept says that this is all preparation for critical evaluation of the book, but I am annoyed so much teaching time is wasted (imo)in reading to the class as if they are young children
Am I missing something ? Is this the way that all schools try to inspire a love of books and writing nowadays. Please advise!

babybouncer Fri 12-Nov-10 22:32:05

No, this is not English teaching. You may find that the school is strapped for teachers and the supply teacher is the only option available. The head has no option but to defend his/her staff and presumably is of the opinion that a weak teacher is better than no teacher.

My advise would be to continue to speak to the school and let them know your concerns - in my experience the kids of the loudest parents are the ones who get the most attention. Alongside this, you can hopefully encourage discussion at home (either about the book, or just in general) to keep her skills up to scratch.

And of course, remember that this is only her second year - she has plenty of English lessons ahead of her to enjoy yet!

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