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PTA fundraising ideas

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grumpyfrumpy Mon 19-Sep-05 12:37:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoupDragon Mon 19-Sep-05 13:52:02

Not done it for PTA but something else. Didn't make huge amounts of money with Yellow Moon but then again, it is money for nothing. You stick the lables on, distribute the catalogues via the classrooms and that's it.

How about second hand uniform sales? Get people to donate uniforms andsell for school funds?

SueW Mon 19-Sep-05 14:12:14

You can link up to one of the online shopping things where people click through from your school and make their purchases. Lots of shops from John Lewis to Amazon. Good to publicise at this time of year as you could get a lot from people doing online shopping for Xmas.

Sadly I've forgotten the names of the sites now but someone else might know. I've also emailed a friend to ask her.

Fauve Mon 19-Sep-05 14:12:43

Our PTA does Yellow Moon - don't know how much it raises, but must be enough, as we keep doing it. I personally like the kids' craft stuff as well, so am happy to buy from it.

There's also a scheme for ordering bulbs, with a percentage going to the school; and organic veg through Abel and Cole. If you want more on the bulb scheme, I can find out the contact details.

Our gardening club also sells stuff the kids have grown, plus odds and ends from people's greenhouses etc, and that goes well. Bargains for gardeners, actually.

auntymandy Mon 19-Sep-05 14:16:17

At my childrens primary school we had a bun sale every friday. Each class's parents took it in turns so you didnt have to contribute too often. made between £20 and £40 a week. Easy peasy

MarsLady Mon 19-Sep-05 14:18:27

we get fruit and veg from Abel & Cole. You can buy a veg bag, fruit bag or combi bag. School makes 25% of sales.

Fantastically easy way to make cash and the parents get something too.

In a year we've made over £2,000

SueW Mon 19-Sep-05 14:18:42

Suttons Seeds do a scheme.

Have a look at this site for ideas

grumpyfrumpy Mon 19-Sep-05 14:23:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grumpyfrumpy Mon 19-Sep-05 14:36:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fauve Mon 19-Sep-05 15:59:35

Here's the bulb man , as promised

SoupDragon Mon 19-Sep-05 17:22:08

Mufti days?

fsmail Tue 20-Sep-05 19:01:35

We do a fashion show every year and also a ladies night where we ask local tradespeople such as dress shops if they want a stall which we charge for and then ask the parents to come for a charge of £2.50 which includes a glass of wine.

Furball Tue 20-Sep-05 19:47:34

Webb Ivory is a good one with christmas comming up.

Also chocoholics is another great one for christmas.

He's a fund raising site which might help you. As you can see on there there is also collecting things like printer cartridges or clothes.

Maybe track down a Phoenix card person. They offer a commission on purchases.

tex111 Tue 20-Sep-05 20:20:25

Something that's popular in the States is putting together a cookbook using parents' favorite recipes. It's always interesting and popular. I've gotten some of my favourite recipes from these kinds of cookbooks. We would sell advertising to local shops and tradesmen at the back of the book and could always find a printer to print them up for free as long as their name was displayed prominently in the book. Then they were sold through the school and the shops that had paid for advertising.

Lots of groups do them in the US and some include a little background info for each recipe such as if it's been handed down in the family, discovered on holiday, etc, etc.

grumpyfrumpy Wed 21-Sep-05 08:56:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoupDragon Wed 21-Sep-05 09:28:24

With the cook book, make sure that none of them are lifted straight from a cookry book that is under copyright (or you need to ensure you ask the publisher/copyright holder for permission to use it). You should stress this when you ask parents for the recipes. Not that anyone is likely to spot a copyright recipe and be bothered to prosecute but it's best to be safe.

tex111 Wed 21-Sep-05 10:55:27

Good point Soupdragon. I've got quite a few of these kinds of cookbooks from schools, church groups, hunting clubs, etc and they're not only useful but provide an interesting peek into a community. For instance, in Texas there are always at least half a dozen different recipes for pecan pie!

Mae1 Wed 21-Sep-05 12:58:31

I'm new to PTA - 1st meeting this Friday - wanted some ideas to take along so stumbling across this is great! Will suggest the Bulbman - seems straight forward enough - just bit of organising in terms of the ordering - but not too much hassle! Any other "unusual" ideas out there - things that maybe haven't been used regularly by all the other local schools!!!! Keep thinking and jot them down.

SueW Wed 21-Sep-05 13:34:05

I got an email from my friend last night - the company their school was using went under. I know I've told other people about it though so let me go search some archives.....

Back soon

SoupDragon Wed 21-Sep-05 13:42:47

pecan pie... <<drool>>

SueW Wed 21-Sep-05 14:07:17

I love yahoogroup's archives (on low volume lists anyway!)


No personal experience but it seems like a good idea.

grumpyfrumpy Wed 21-Sep-05 14:08:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SueW Wed 21-Sep-05 14:09:16

Grrr. link didn't work.

SueW Wed 21-Sep-05 14:11:30

You could always contact one of the organisations and see how they get on. Find out who's got webshops on by using the search facility. 'scout' or 'junior' work well as search parameters.

bambi06 Wed 21-Sep-05 14:32:45

i`ve just suggested we have a childrens secondhand clothes sale after school..mainky to get rid of my lot!!! but they seem will wait and see...we also have lots of cake sales too..

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