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Haringey Noel park primary school? any good?

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Bumbee Sun 31-Oct-10 22:41:38

Hi i am currently looking at the primary schools admission form for next year and feeling a bit overwhelmed! Anybody have any good advice about how to tackle the decision making process and trying to get the best school whilst not turning catholic or moving to a bogus address?
I am in N22 and nearest school is noel park which seems ok , but want to know if anyone has any experience of the school, its one thing to talk to the teachers another to hear from the kids/ parents.

any info on any schools in wood green/ bounds green would be great.


godhou3 Mon 01-Nov-10 11:54:31

I was in N22 for 4 1/2 years too far for (0.650) Rhodes Avenue which is really good. Ended up at a CofE but moved so now in N8. Have a look at Alex. Primary when we lived there it wasn't so good but seems with the new head it might be much better, also Bounds Green I think a few have said ok. Also if you are on the border you could try Bowes Park which is quite good but popular so it could depend on how far away you are. Unfortunately I don't know much about Noel Park, I'd def. have a look at them but it all comes to how close you are.

WoodRose Mon 01-Nov-10 12:51:29

I know of a couple of people at Bounds Green and they are very happy with it.

hifi Mon 01-Nov-10 13:52:45

sorry bumbee but noel park is usually the only one on offer if no available space in any of your 3 choices.

tjw555 Sun 14-Nov-10 15:54:40

hi i had all my children going to noel park they all had problems of some thing or another whilst there my youngest child i had to take out of the school as he needed stamenting and the school didnt seem to bother i had problems bring him into school as he was selective mute and had anixity the lack of care and support there was terrible instead of making him feel part of the school they made him feel unwanted by leaving him out of class activitys ect... he now attends alexsandra primary school best decision i ever made my only reget was that i didnt put all my kids there from day one even when my son had a panaic attack in school the staff still paid no attention to his needs so no not a good school at all when my son was being bullied for over a year there i was told the other child has problems well dont every child? i know plenty of mums that have put there child in noel park and soon taken them back out again hopefully if you decide on noel park for your child then they anit treated like the rest of our kids and have to be taken out

pleasantlyconfused Tue 23-Nov-10 20:32:07

Are you too far for Belmont? Now there's a lovely school. Also, Downhills is improving apparently.
Went to see West Green, wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.

pleasantlyconfused Tue 23-Nov-10 21:19:04

Also, have Noel Park had a big staff change? their last ofsted was really good.

Wen76 Tue 08-Nov-11 14:43:06

I have 2 children at Noel Park primary and I think the school is excellent. They have both attended since nursery and my eldest is now in year 3. The staff are great and if we have ever had any issues they have dealt with them quickly and effectively. My son is in reception, and I'm so impressed with what he has done already. Every morning each child traces or writes their name with their parent before registration, he has extra teachers come into class each week for french, dance, sport and singing. A few weeks ago I attended a 'Japan experience' (their topic for that time) where they sang a song in Japanese, did a 'fan' dance and we all ate noodles. He is only 4 and started reception just 5 weeks before, so I think that was fantastic. I also attended my daughter's 'Japan experience' where I made an origami box, had a karate lesson and learnt to make sushi with her class (my karate wasn't up to much but the sushi tasted great!) If you want a school that provides innovative learning, then I recommend Noel Park.

Momof1Boy Fri 17-Apr-15 13:46:01

Hi, I am reading this past thread with great interest as my child just got an offer to go to Noel Park Primary School; all our other choices are not available. Could someone please kindly share with me his/ her recent experience with Noel Park Primary School (in particular, Reception Class)? Has the School made progress, how about its teaching staff/ faculty, students.. etc?

Thank you very much!

wadataso1234 Thu 25-Jun-15 16:48:14

a teacher at Noel Park school said today (25/06/15) that it wasn't his job to stop a fight !.....don't that tell you some-thing about the school

wadataso1234 Thu 25-Jun-15 16:51:26

A teacher said today (25/06/15) that it wasn't his job to stop a fight....Doesn't that tell you some-thing about the school !

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