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KS3 Maths

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Roberta1 Tue 05-Oct-10 16:46:30

DD has just started doing KS3 Maths in Year 7.

Maths is a bit of a struggle for her and we used the excellent Schofield and Sims books to help her with KS2, but I can't find anything similar for KS3.

We've looked at websites (BBC bitesize, MyMaths) but would prefer to use the daily exercise format we are used to from Schofield and Sims.

Can anyone recommend anything? I'd be really grateful.

FleurDelacour Tue 05-Oct-10 17:00:55

I would have thought MyMaths would be a good resource for KS3. You can set it to whatever level you wish and can choose your topic. There are lessons and homework exercises on every single KS3 topic.

Have you looked at They have a variety of worksheets with loads of practice questions on for level 4 to level 9/10. We use them in school as an extra resource but I think parents can buy into the system too.

Carolinemaths Wed 06-Oct-10 10:21:55

In the past I've used Succeed in Maths 11-14 for daily maths work with my daughter, as I explained in a previous thread.

Now I've enrolled her on Conquer Maths which we're finding to work really well. The "online tutor" explains the work and she can play back the explanation while working through the exercises. No marking for either of us, and I can monitor her progress in the Parent's Dashboard.

GeoPuzzles Fri 08-Jul-11 23:13:37

Roberta1 , maybe a bit late for the reply
I found the Hilary Koll & Steve Mills books the best eg year 7, 8 or 9
in the subjects calculations, algebra, numbers .., shapes...
algebra was very very good
the original publisher was a&c black
I bought them second hand when I could from ebay, abebooks, waterstones market place, the prices varied quite a bit
and whsmsiths for new ones
I notice WHSmiths started doing their own version of the above by the same author

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