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Come and tell me about your lovely (cheap) public school in the South Coast area

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wrotham Sun 27-Jan-13 11:10:15

Churcher's College in Petersfield is excellent

Luminescence Mon 19-Dec-11 07:50:03

Surely you get what you pay for with independent schools? Portsmouth high is good.

cupcakecastles Mon 19-Dec-11 07:47:42

I am in Chichester and have experience of most of the public schools in the area as a nanny I have had charges that go to most of them (maybe not all at the same time)

Let me know if you are still looking or if you are sorted would love to know which school you settled on?

aig Thu 23-Sep-10 22:49:23

If you are in West Sussex you are looking at Chichester Girls High School, Bishop Luffa (but you need to go to church weekly from yr 4 onwards) and the Bourne or possible Philip Howard.
In Hampshire you might like Oaklands, The Petersfield school , Swanmore or Bohunt.
If you are looking for private there is Slindon College, Portsmouth Grammar, Portsmouth High School, Churchers or Ditcham Park. If you are seriously rich there is Bedales.
For what it's worth - my DCs went to Bishop Luffa and did well.

woolymindy Thu 23-Sep-10 20:14:41

no indeed... there lays the problem

mummytime Thu 23-Sep-10 20:11:30

Is there one?????? Not even the easiest area to get into a good State school so I hear.

woolymindy Thu 23-Sep-10 19:58:01


woolymindy Thu 23-Sep-10 19:48:20

We are looking for somewhere great to send our DD1 when she is 11 - primarily we are looking for a really caring disciplined environment and something which doesn't require me selling younger children on Ebay to finance it.........

We are in the South Coast area between Chichester and Portsmouth and would prefer a day school but would board at the right place - I have googled this as you can imagine but I was really looking for personal opinions and feelings about the schools concerned

Thanks everso in advance

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