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Hi Sion-Manning RC Girls’ School.....Anyone know of this school

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mrparent Fri 17-Sep-10 11:51:04

Sion-Manning RC Girls? School.....Anyone know of this school, any good etc...cannot seem to find much info, seems like a good school for year 7....

Porkia Sun 19-Sep-10 22:51:19

Hi, I know someone who has just started in year 7 and she thinks it's ok. The white middle classes who flock to the other catholic schools are pretty much non existent and virtually everyone who applies gets a place - even muslims. For many years it had an absolutely appalling reputation. I used to see huge gangs of girls walking down Ladbroke Grove at hometime, screaming, shouting and intimidating people - escorted by the community police. More recently the behaviour seems to have improved. I would have a look round and make your own mind up. Personally I would never apply there for my daughters, despite it being the closest secondary school to my home.

andreastefany Sun 23-Jan-11 22:20:19

hi, well i can tell you from my own experiance as i went to sion manning from 2004 up to 2009 and in the time i was at sion manning the school changed a great deal. when i started at sion manning the school was chaotic at the best of times and there were fights every other day. bullying was a big thing and the only members of staff that were respected were the senior members of staff. however over the years it changed and now i can say it is a good school to be at. the staff are wonderfull people and they help each student grow and become people to be proud of, also you need to remeber that seconday school is the time in which we rebel and are discovering who we really are so the comment about sion manning girls making noise on ladbroke grove, yes there will be noise because its the main road to the school. what do you expect everyone to walk out silently with their fingers on there lips not making noise. come on be realistic, its the same everywhere you go. over all sion manning is a good school with amazing teachers that give so much of their time to make sure each student is happy and is doing well. oh yes and the thing about the PCSO'S the reason that they walk with students isnt because they are misbehaving, its part of the neibourhood policing. the police want to build bonds and relationships with the community. that is why they are around. they are not escorting students =]

totofifi Sat 05-Jul-14 21:02:05

Sion manning is a good school with amazing teachers that give so much of their time to make sure each student is happy and is doing well.
My daughter in year 7 had a great time all this year !

Congratulations to all the team of the school

Natacha16 Tue 17-May-16 18:04:52

Hi anyone has updates on Sion Manning School? I will relocating to the UK and I'm considering the school. Many thanks

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