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Frensham Heights anyone?

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arizonagirl Sat 11-Sep-10 01:10:48

Just been looking at the website for this school after someone recommended it. Looks very individual - not sure what I think tbh. Not sure about calling teachers by first names and there is no school uniform. But gets a very good write up. Anyone know this school and has an opinion on it?

mummytime Sat 11-Sep-10 09:52:35

I loved is DC1 wasn't keen DC2 loved it, DP loved it. But we couldn't afford it and its a bit awkward to get to. But we loved the first names and no uniform bit, it has lovely facilities. I would suggest go on an open morning (there is a nice buffet lunch) and make your own opinion.

Several people I know have kids there after I recommended looking at it.

arizonagirl Sat 11-Sep-10 10:26:20

Wow, mummytime - impressed with your knowledge of the area. Thank you. Yes, I noticed it starts off quite cheap but gets considerably more expensive later. Dh not convinced by the no uniforms and first names. Seeing as you have such excellent knowledge of the schools in Surrey, do you know of any good preps around Farnham? Only know of Barfields. Dismissed Godalming way because of housing costs. Thanks again.

mummytime Sat 11-Sep-10 13:29:44

Had a friend send a kid to Barfield, he had a good time, recession and driving time means he's back at State school in Guildford.

There is Edgeborough, which I haven't visited cos we were past Prep stage really when we were looking. Also Hindhead, Haslemere isn't that far away if you go down the Frensham Road, and there are several there.

Oh do look at Waverley Abbey of you are that way (State but amazing grounds, and in the middle of no where, friends kids went there).

If your son had SEN, I would highly recommend More House.
Some of the more godalming schools aren't that far (Barrow Hills and Aldro).
Otherwise what about Petersfield?
I think thats the limit of my knowledge that direction.

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