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Good prep schools in Hampshire - can you help?

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arizonagirl Fri 10-Sep-10 21:19:37

Hi there,

We are thinking about moving to Hampshire very soon. We will be restricted to preps due to waiting lists etc although we are also considering our options for state schools once we are in catchment.

I can't seem to find any good preps in Hampshire. Did look at the ones in Winchester but they just seemed a bit cold and unhappy - I know, a HUGE generalisation. Did quite like Princes Mead but the ratio of girls to boys was 1:2 which put me off for ds.

Can anyone tell me of any good preps in Hampshire? It would be a huge help!!!! Thank you!

pompadourprincess Sat 11-Sep-10 10:17:22

Depends what you are after, But the ones I know are as follows.

Hordle Walhampton Lymington , 3-13 lovely family school , good results quite religous

Moyles Court Ringwood 3-16 Lovely small family friendly school, Really nice chilled atmoshpere class sizes of around 10. Good results

Durlston Court New Milton, 3-13 Gets very good results a bit more posh? not sure if thats the right term to use.

There are loads more really until you look around its difficult to say some people prefer sporty, some more academic etc etc


wolfbrother Sat 11-Sep-10 10:19:06

West Hill Park? (They had an OFSTED this year but I haven't read it). It's about 100 girls and 200 boys though, similar ratio.

There's also one between Wickham and Fareham but the name escapes me at present.

scaryteacher Sat 11-Sep-10 17:05:43

West Hill Park Titchfield, Boundary Oak. Have been married to West Hill boy for 24 years, so good product!

More recently friends sent their kids there and were very happy with it. Nice grounds, at the top of a small village not far from M27, just outside Fareham.

arizonagirl Sat 11-Sep-10 17:54:55

Thanks for all these! Will look at them tonight. Was hoping to hear about some more Hook/Hartley Wintney way but it looks as though there aren't many mums from around there or with knowledge of them. Thanks everyone smile

MrsDinky Sun 12-Sep-10 17:02:35

My friend has her DCs at St Nicholas in Church Crookham (nr Fleet) and seems pretty happy with it.

arizonagirl Sun 12-Sep-10 17:09:47

Thanks MrsDinky, saw that one but there are only 15 boys and 392 girls!!! My son would probably love that but not sure dh would be too happy.

MrsDinky Sun 12-Sep-10 17:16:54

Ah, yes, my friends' DCs are girls....

brimfull Sun 12-Sep-10 17:23:52

forres sandlemanor on border of hants/dorset

arizonagirl Sun 12-Sep-10 18:27:37

Hey ggirl, thank you. That is a new one and looks good. Only problem is dh needs to commute to Waterloo each day and that might be the other side of Hants to where we were aiming at. Off to look at train times.

MrsDinky Sun 12-Sep-10 19:03:21

A fair few people I know commute to Waterloo from as far away as Portsmouth/Havant, depends a bit how far your DH needs to go when he gets to London. Certainly masses of people commute from Alton and Petersfield. If that helps with your search area.

Docbunches Sun 12-Sep-10 19:10:11

St Neots Prep


GEMS Sherfield

both Hook area I believe. I confess I know nothing about either, but they look very nice!

sailorsgal Sun 12-Sep-10 20:18:42

Did you look at Pilgrims in Winchester? I worked for a family whose boys go there. They seemed very happy there.

Chartomilly Fri 08-Oct-10 11:35:35

Hi i can totally recommend Forres Sandle Manor. I have put 3 children through it and no other school has quite matched up since! It has a lovely ahhpy atmosphere, lovely grounds and facilties - very our doory/climb tree/get dirty kind of attitude. Brand new pre prep - my children were really happy there My hubby communte to London from Waterloo - not too bad.

youngscholar Sun 21-Oct-12 00:34:48

Pilgrims in Winchester, one of the most academic in the country. Sends lots to Win Col. , as you'd expect, but if you wanted to go day they'd be very well prepared for admission to King Edwards or other day schools.

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 21-Oct-12 10:17:10

Quite a few in the Newbury area which if you live close to Basingstoke for the Waterloo train are easily accessible.

TalkinPeace2 Sun 21-Oct-12 12:58:31

my nephew has just started at Yateley Manor - seems happy there

greyvix Tue 23-Oct-12 00:16:21

There are some great state schools in Hampshire and Surrey. South Farnham school is consistently one of the top schools in the country. Bentley and Rowledge (Hampshire schools) are also excellent.

difficultpickle Tue 23-Oct-12 10:05:12

This is a zombie thread from 2010. I'm sure the OP has l

difficultpickle Tue 23-Oct-12 10:05:37

This is a zombie thread from 2010. I'm sure the OP has long since sorted out schools!

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