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Lib-Dem Election Pledge re:Church Schools

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GrumpyYoungFogey Fri 03-Sep-10 21:42:16

Anyone know what has happened to this idea?

" We will ensure that all faith schools develop an inclusive admissions policy" arty-manifesto-2010-general-election/liberal-democ rat-manifesto-2010-your-life

Much furore about it prior to the election with left-footer bishops telling their flock not to vote LibDem lest their schools be filled with damnable prods.

Personally, it was one of the few things in any of the main parties manifestos I had any time for (the other being the LibDem £10000 tax threshold which may come to fruition).

Did this pledge disappear down the dumper when the coalition was negotiation. Since pols of all parties are the sort of in-it-for-themselves types who play the system to get their kids into the good church schools, I personally never believed it would see the light of day.

zanzibarmum Fri 03-Sep-10 22:03:19

Wow. Well done. So many prejudices in one posting. It must be a record.

GrumpyYoungFogey Sat 04-Sep-10 21:32:36

What prejudices?

I thought this policy would be a winner with mumsnetters, anyone know whats happened to it?

TheHeathenOfSuburbia Sat 04-Sep-10 22:15:31

The Conservatives are never going to stand for that, simple as.

Upsetting the middle classes for the sake of some wooly ideal about different religions all getting on? Dream on, baby!

zanzibarmum Mon 06-Sep-10 13:20:15

What prejudices? Well here goes: use of term left-footer; which bishop used the abusive term "damnable prods","pols.. are in it for themselves who play the system..."

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