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Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools

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arizonagirl Sun 22-Aug-10 13:44:30

We live in Surrey and have four children - all in private prep schools - not snobbery but just fits in better with our life style. (Need to move around quite a lot).

We are thinking of moving to Buckinghamshire as it still has the Grammar school system, and if they are still in private it would save a lot of money later if any of them passed. Any thoughts on good preps in the area? Lots of choice in Surrey for preps and I wonder if it would be a nice area worth moving too. Did look at Chesham prep which looks nice.

Thank you.

goldenticket Sun 22-Aug-10 13:47:30

Why did I click on this?

No, stay in Surrey please. If you can pay for prep, please pay at secondary level too. Do not come and push house prices even further through the roof just because you can (and then congratulate yourself at saving four lots of school fees).

arizonagirl Sun 22-Aug-10 13:50:27

Goldenticket - don't worry - we are not rich by any means. We still can't buy our own house and are renting. The only reason we are having to go private is because hubby's job keeps moving us around. We have tried several times to get into the state system but always end up around 19th on the list of any half decent schools. And then, we would probably have to move yet again. So rather than go for failing schools we are pushing ourselves to the limit, not being able to buy a house and making other sacrifices.

Bacofoil Sun 22-Aug-10 13:56:00

If you move a lot why are you thinking of secondary schools now?

TDiddy Sun 22-Aug-10 13:56:57

Not the closest locations but......

Dr Challoner's (Amersham)
Orley Farm Prep (Harrow)
Reddiford School (Pinner)

If you are keen on 11+ exam then note that many private schools such as St John's, St Martin's (Northwood) don't prepare your child for the 11+ and soft pedal in year 6 so that the child is forced to stay on to year 8 in private school.

goldenticket Sun 22-Aug-10 13:58:04

Sorry for my outburst - a sore point as you can tell.

If you have boys, given your circumstances you may well be interested in the RGS in High Wycombe as it still has boarding places (always used to be army and RAF children boarding).

Haven't heard bad things about any preps in the area tbh. Will mostly depend on whether you want single sex or mixed and what you intend to do if any of them don't pass the 11+.

goldenticket Sun 22-Aug-10 13:59:23

Dr Challoner's isn't a prep school.

goldenticket Sun 22-Aug-10 13:59:55

Why not go to Kent - much nearer you and still has the grammar system?

MollieO Sun 22-Aug-10 14:18:28

There is no guarantee that even if your dcs pass they will get in. Depends on distance from school.

Can recommend Ridgeway(boys) in Maidenhead. In Berks but lots of boys travel from Bucks to attend. Doesn't do prep for 11+ though but I don't know a prep school round here that does.Co-ed in Maidenhead is St Pirans. Very academic and sporty and I know people who are very happy there (not my choice for a number of reasons).

arizonagirl Sun 22-Aug-10 14:23:57

Some good thoughts. Yes, I know, probably doesn't make any sense thinking of secondary schools. But even if we do end up going abroad again, we would be likely to return to the same county in the future. Goldenticket, no problems - I totally understand and find it really frustrating being back in a country where mortgages are around half a million around here - could never afford that and may well drive us abroad again anyway. Have considered Kent but lived there in the past and feels like going back. Wierd thought but hey, that's how I feel.

TDiddy Sun 22-Aug-10 19:56:00

"Dr Challoner's isn't a prep school" - I know but it is a good school,; isn't it? So worth considering?

TDiddy Sun 22-Aug-10 19:57:24

arizonagirl - be careful about running away and coming back- a nice bout of inflation could see nominalhouse prices soar in say 10 years.

spottedandstriped Sun 22-Aug-10 20:03:05

Have you thought of either Gayhurst in Gerrards Cross or Caldicott in Farnham Common? I have heard mixed messages about Davenies in Beaconsfield

goldenticket Sun 22-Aug-10 20:13:40

Fgs they're all good schools round here. Preps are a choice between rubies and emeralds for those fortunate enough. Even the secondaries are <gasp> full of normal clever children. I think I need to leave this thread.

toobusytothink Sun 22-Aug-10 20:22:52

Look at Ashfold School in Dorton. They don't teach to pass the 11+ as it goes up to yr 8, but people do take it and get in. If your kids are clever enough, they will get in anyway (I hate the whole tutor to get in thing as it means they'll only struggle when they're there).

spottedandstriped Sun 22-Aug-10 20:25:45

FWIW the negative things I have heard about Davenies are more about the (perceived) attitudes of the parents and the headmaster. Hope this is helpful OP

weblette Mon 23-Aug-10 14:52:08

Chesham Prep is lovely but the site's a little isolated. Both Amersham single sex preps get good results and aren't too pressured.

Maltman's Green suits more confident girls, Gayhurst good all round. St Mary's won't really prepare for the 11+ as they prefer the girls to stay on.

Have heard more negative things about the Beaconsfield schools, the High March site is teeny, Davenies it really depends who you ask.

Catchment is the absolute key thing round here, if you're not exactly in area you can pretty much forget it even if you get the required score. Gerrards Cross has had several cases of boys passing the exam but not being offered a place in the nearest school as the boundaries cross over.

MollieO Mon 23-Aug-10 19:26:06

weblette I've heard the same for High Wycombe and Marlow grammar schools re catchment.

Ds's rugby club played at Davenies last season. Amazing facilities - lovely indoor swimming pool and astroturf sports pitch. Also had really lovely playground - the sort you find in a nicely run council play area. Imagine it could be quite snobby though.

Babyrooty Mon 04-Oct-10 00:43:13

MollieO, was just reading this thread and really interested to know your views on St Pirans in Maidenhead. Please tell! Am considering for dd, aged nearly 4. Looking at Ridgeway and Highfield too. Although dh big believer in state system so may not get my wicked way!

Babyrooty Mon 04-Oct-10 01:07:46

MollieO....Ooops, sorry, just read another thread where you have explained in detail!

user1476512053 Sat 15-Oct-16 07:38:50

Would be good to hear how you got on.

Konyaa Sat 15-Oct-16 08:26:58


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