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Favourite children's picture books

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marypoppins Tue 22-Jul-03 18:15:02

I love reading the children Meg and Mog, Dr. Seuss and Pat Hutchins. Have you any other suggestions?

mothernature Tue 22-Jul-03 18:21:23

Old favorite's with mine were Hans Christen Anderson and Brothers Grimm, When they were old enough to read their own they looked for very similar bedtime books with the old fairy tale stories in them. DD liked Enid Blyton's Pip stories, 'How the blackbird got his gold beak' etc. Toyland with the Balarina and the toy soldier, I know these are very old books but they enjoyed them all the same. They are now aged 13 and 12

Enid Tue 22-Jul-03 18:53:04

How old are they? Dd1 loves the Mog books, the Lauren Child books (brilliant IMO), and weirdly the Ladybird Topsy and Tim books (I think they are dreadful and dull but she loves their mundanity I think), big faves at the moment are A Kitten Called Moonlight (can't remember author), Little Rabbit Lost by Harry Horse and Ladybird fairy tale books.

codswallop Tue 22-Jul-03 19:18:44

Gruffalo. And we love a kitten called.. too - even my 5 year old ds

and Topsty and tim are icons in the wallops household.

happycat Tue 22-Jul-03 19:20:51

my two boys just love where's wally.

codswallop Tue 22-Jul-03 19:23:37

always good at bed time!

batey Tue 22-Jul-03 19:24:14

My dds love the "Blue Kangaroo" books, especially shouting "where are you" at the top of their voices!

codswallop Tue 22-Jul-03 19:24:39

yes and good for all kids with cuddlies that they loose!

Lara2 Tue 22-Jul-03 20:01:11

Debi Gliori books are brilliant. The Very Small by Joyce Dunbar and illustrated by Debi Gliori.

Marina Tue 22-Jul-03 20:16:06

Another vote for the Gruffalo, Where the Wild Things Are, Burglar Bill, Arabel and the Raven (used to be dh's!) and Mog. Also The Tiger Who Came To Tea and Kipper stories are current favourites. Ds is just four.

Bron Tue 22-Jul-03 20:35:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

runragged Tue 22-Jul-03 20:51:07

The Owl that was afraid of the dark, can't wait until dd is old enough for "proper" books.

codswallop Tue 22-Jul-03 20:51:41

Ps Marina "Bogla boll"

clevercat Tue 22-Jul-03 21:03:07

In addition to those already mentioned, Room on the broom, Ten Little toddlers, monkey can monkey do, very hungry caterpillar and Winnie the Witch

dinosaur Tue 22-Jul-03 21:06:58

My brother just sent DS1 a great book for his 4th birthday - The Dragon Machine - available on Amazon. Fantastic illustrations. It's totally different from any book DS1 has had before, but he seems very keen - we had it at bedtime tonight for third time this week.

princesspeahead Tue 22-Jul-03 21:10:46

I second hairy maclary (and slinky malinky, his feline equivalent). Also the Quentin Blake books - esp Mr Magnolia and Fantastic Daisy Artichoke - wonderful rhymes and pictures. Of the Kipper ones the pop ups are great favourites - Where oh where is Kipper's bear and Kipper's Balloon. Also Duck in the Truck, and anything involving Maisy.

my dd is now into "proper" books, like milly molly mandy, Charlotte's Web, Blyton's wishing chair, etc etc

SoupDragon Tue 22-Jul-03 21:55:00

How Does a Dinosaur Say Goodnight... (can't rememeber who it's by I'm afraid.) Duck in a Truck, definitely and what can I say about Hariy McLairy...? I no longer need the book for HMcC and Zachary Quack!

Current favourite with DS2 (2.5) is The Bugliest Bug. Again I can't remember who it's by as I hid it after eading it for about 7 nights in a row.

Twink Tue 22-Jul-03 22:18:48

Topsy & Tim are favourites with dd too Enid, aggg ! Fortunately she only gets them at her grandparents as they've kept all our old ones.

I've just bought the book & tape of The Gruffalo for our holiday as I remember it's been recommended by Mumsnetters on a number of occasions.

She absolutely loathes Dr Seuss which I find interesting as I did too.

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark was one of my all time favourites runragged, I've always had a copy even before I could use children as an excuse.. Just shows what a literary lightweight I am !

sis Tue 22-Jul-03 22:46:50

How do you get them away from Thomas the B****y Tank engine books?! I have cupboards full of lovely books but all ds ever wants is the Thomas books

Marina Tue 22-Jul-03 22:47:10


sis Tue 22-Jul-03 22:47:37

Noooo, that was meant to be a and not a !

lisaj Wed 23-Jul-03 09:21:01

I have recently started reading the Faraway Tree books by Enid Blyton to ds who is 4. He loves them and can't wait to get to bed to hear another chapter - can't be bad!

marialuisa Wed 23-Jul-03 09:31:53

DD loves many of the books mentioned here, but also likes "this is the bear" books, and the jill murphy books , "peace at last" and the one about the cake. The books by Nick Sharratt (or does he do the pics??) are popular, "Really, Really" and "eat your peas".

willow2 Wed 23-Jul-03 10:13:34

Angelina Ballerina - if only because the drawings are so wonderful in their detail. You can spend ages playing "can you see a...?"

WideWebWitch Wed 23-Jul-03 10:22:33

sis, sympathy on Thomas The bl**dy Tank Engine - HOW tedious are they to read? I also detest any Disney book, i.e. The Story of Tarzan - they are badly written and just dull, dull, dull. Ds just grew out of Thomas so I wish for the same for you. PPH, I remember crying as a child when I read Charlottes Web - are you enjoying it? (or maybe your dd is reading it herelf?) We've just read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (which I think I enjoyed as much as he did) and we're about to start on The Great Glass Elevator and BFG. Ds loves Dr Seuss too, although I didn't have them as a child so have no memories of him. I do like them now though. Agree with enid about Lauren Child. I'm just thrilled to be at the stage where I can re-read my childhood favourites to him since he's just got to the point where he's interested in listening to a story despite the fact that there aren't pictures too.

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