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Prep Schools in Surrey

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Will123 Sun 18-Jul-10 08:22:35

HelloI haven't done this before so I hope it works okay!
My family and I are relocating to the UK very soon and we are trying to find suitable prep schools for the children (girl 6 and son 7). We are considering St Edmund's in Hindhead, Haslemere Prep (for boys) and St Ives or The Royal School (for girls). Please could anyone give me any advice? Also thought Amesbury, Barrow Hills looks good. Well rounded children, academic (but not too much so) and sporty.
Many thanks in advance for any help/advice.

mummytime Sun 18-Jul-10 08:50:18

I don't know anything bad about any of them, and you will have avoided most/all of the road works in that area.

You will just have to look and see, and decide with your children. (My DS likes the Royal because they once gave him a free lolly pop, and yes I know its a girls school.)

arizonagirl Sun 18-Jul-10 20:15:54

Hi there,

we are doing a similar search at the moment. I contacted both Haslemere Prep and St Edumnds (only by phone though) and found the reception at St Edmunds a lot more friendly. She told me that Haslemere Prep were struggling for numbers a bit but I don't know if that is true. I know St Edmunds has a saturday morning optional school which I wasn't keen on at first but the more I thought about it I thought it was a good idea after all.

The reason we didn't go ahead is because we drove over that way and just felt it was so isolated and in the middle of nowhere (and very very expensive). So it wasn't for us but I know lots of people think it is a lovely area - we just like things a bit more busy. Also, after giving it a great deal of thought I am wanting to go co-ed (my ds loves playing with girls and we have two daughters as well and I just ended up feeling really sad at the thought of splitting them up so early).

Good luck - Surrey does have a great selection of good preps - especially around Guildford and Ashtead. Having said that, we are looking to move away and hence looking at preps in other areas - purely because there are not many co-eds that appeal but also the houses are sooooo expensive in Surrey - for a nice four bed house you are looking at at least 500,000. And that won't even be great or detached. Just want more for our money : )

Oh, btw I think Barrow Hills is Catholic - not sure - don't know if that bothers you?

Good luck - we were in a very similar position moving back from Canada. : )

Will123 Sun 18-Jul-10 23:20:04

Good luck arizonagirl with your move!
St. Edmund's is now co-educational. I feel the same I don't really want to split them up with moving. We looked around Haslemere Prep the new head there seems very good and all boys seemed happy. Hard choice! Also looked around Lanesborough, my son didn't like it at all, very small class rooms and cramped. All the best with everything.

propatria Mon 19-Jul-10 09:33:35

Barrow Hills is Catholic ,but one of my godsons went there and he certainly isnt.

arizonagirl Mon 19-Jul-10 10:01:47

That was how we felt - it just felt kind of strange seeing lots of boys and no girls. Funny thing is I looked at a girls' school and it didn't seem so bad. Still, I know there are a lot of mums on here who prefer the single sex.

We looked at Lanesborough and didn't really get a good feeling although they have a good reputation. Very very nearly ended up at Cranmore but so so glad it fell through after hearing quite a few bad things. Good luck.

wrotham Fri 14-Oct-11 12:49:59

Have you looked at Churcher's in Petersfield? My son has just started and we love it. They have a Junior School in Liphook. Senior School (from aged 11) has plenty of buses from all directions or train (Portsmouth/Waterloo line). Co-ed, good academic, sporty, good art and music and drama, really nice kids, great Headmaster.

Flipfloppies Sun 16-Oct-11 20:27:37

Edgeborough? New Head and lots of happy children.

Chestnutx3 Mon 17-Oct-11 16:19:22

St hilary's for girl/Aldro for the boy. cranleigh for nearly both (from 7 years). Many of us go single sex as the girls schools are very good and very different so there is a school for each sort of girl IMO. Less choice for boys - Cranmore (don't believe everything you hear many happy parents), Lanesborough (very cramped and very much an urban school but happy rounded boys), Cranleigh (co-ed mixed reports), the Aldro (very sporty, less pushy academically than Cranmore or Lanesborough but seen as the main feeder school to Charterhouse) are all schools we are considering.

gettingalifenow Tue 18-Oct-11 09:32:41

Personally I'd start from which senior school you want them to go to and work backwards - where is the well trodden path?

From what I know, Lanesborough and Cranmore lead mostly to RGS; St Ives good track record to GHS. You seem to be looking at the Haslemere area in particular, and I'm not sure about destinations for the boys schools there.

And do you want boarding or day school - For Edgeborough and Aldro, which board, the day is very long for day pupils with late prep.

And has anyone mentioned Danes Hill at Cobham?

Flyingmum23 Mon 27-Mar-17 22:42:33

St Eds is a real gem. Moved my son from a school that some will say is excellent to this very very happy school and MAGIC. Your child will do well if he/she is happy and cared. This year 21 scholarships so cannot be better academically. It is very strong in Drama. Every parent tells me how happy they are and you will not find mixed reviews which is the case to some schools.

bw67 Wed 12-Jul-17 08:15:39

would NOT recommend Amesbury School. they do nothing about bullying and there is a very strong favoritism culture. They sell themselves as a school that supports the individual child but it is simply not true. Steer well clear!

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