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School building work delayed, might not be open for the beginning of term, anyone else had this happen?

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Easy Sat 20-Aug-05 18:25:09

and if so, did the LEA provide any alternative?

Rumours suggest it could be 2 weeks or more behind schedule. For my part, that would give me a big childcare problem, as well as my feeling that they have an obligation to provide education, just as we have an obligation to ensure our child receives it.

Wonder how it will affect the curriculum for children sitting SATS this year.

Davros Sat 20-Aug-05 18:31:56

This happened to a local secondary school and they provided lessons in other local buildings. Not ideal but they did open on time. I agree, its their legal responsibility. Can you phone the LEA and ask? Good luck!

Easy Sat 20-Aug-05 18:36:12

Thanks Davros
Thinking of ringing the LEA next week, just wanted to be armed with some examples of what other authorities have done.

If they pay me, I could spend some time sorting out other accommodation for them I reckon

moozoboozobillynomates Sat 20-Aug-05 18:36:20

It happened to me when I was in Primary school, and we went back 2 weeks later that expected. Although that was years ago. It also happened to a friend, whose son was meant to go into reception in Septemebr last year, and he ended up going 3 weeks late, which buggered up her childcare plans etc. It might be worth contacting the school to see if they are offereing alternative provision

astonished Sat 20-Aug-05 18:36:53

Hi Easy, my friend had this problem with a new school being built which meant her dd didn't start school until October, it kept being put back, so very week they were told they were opening the following. very unsettling for the kids particularlt those just starting school.

JulieF Sat 20-Aug-05 23:14:30

I work for a contractors that does major works for schools.

You may find that even though they are behind now it will still be done on time by them working loads of extra hours or getting more men in. There are HUGE penalty clauses for builders who don't get work done on time so they really will pull all the stops out.

We are in overdrive on a contract at a local primary school at the moment.

sunnyside Sun 21-Aug-05 02:57:11

I used to teach at school where building work was delayed by a couple of days and we made the time up by missing staff training days. It was a few years ago though so don't know if they still do that

Bumpyroad Sun 21-Aug-05 17:16:06

Only when it was actually a cover story for the on-going police investigation that had delayed the building work. DS was due to start Year 2 so we also wondered (if briefly) about the effect it might have on SATs. We made the best of it and headed to Scotland by train for a week. It was a rather big shock when DS pointed to the Evening Standard as we were boarding the train and asked what PORN meant! His school was on the front page.
The school did open one week or so later but we decided to find him a more suitable alternative.
I can't imagine that even two weeks would make a big difference as far a education is concerned but I do feel for you about the childcare aspect. I was fortunate to be a SAHM with younger children at the time.

serenity Sun 21-Aug-05 22:44:47

A couple of years ago our school had new windows put in over the summer holidays which weren't completed in time. We just started a couple of weeks late, I was Ok as I'm a SAHM but quite a few people were really stuffed over childcare.

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