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Is it possible to spend less than £10,000 a year on private school?

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IlanaK Fri 19-Aug-05 16:30:39

I have been looking into private schools recently for my ds1 who is 4. He is due to start school this september but I did not register him as I had decided to home school him. Now I am looking at local private schools as a possibility for maybe a year from now. They are all £10,000+ per year! How does anyone afford it?? And is it possible to do it for less? We are in central london by the way.

Jimjams Fri 19-Aug-05 16:32:41

move! ds2's will be 6000 a year (plus extras but not more than 6500)

IlanaK Fri 19-Aug-05 16:39:51

Moving is not an option unfortunately - and I really love where we live. I am decided on the home schooling in one sense, but on the other hand I know he would benefit from some time in the right school. The problem is finding the right one that is also affordable.

jampots Fri 19-Aug-05 16:40:54

the average round by me seems to be about £2800 per term - £10k seems an awful lot

Ladymuck Fri 19-Aug-05 16:45:14

I'm in South London - looking at about £7k plus uniform.

happymerryberries Fri 19-Aug-05 16:48:36

Yes, we do. It is around £2000 a term for dd and a little less for ds. Uniform is not much more than for the local state schools.

One of the benefits of not being in London I think.

jayzmummy Fri 19-Aug-05 16:54:22

The older they get the more expensive it is!!! DS1,aged 11, was going to a local Independant school.....after the scholarship he had been given was deducted the fees were going to cost us £4,800 per term.

After many heated arguments DS1 told us he didnt want to go, he's off to the local secondary in September.

happymerryberries Fri 19-Aug-05 16:59:37

Ouch! That is so expensive!

ks Fri 19-Aug-05 17:06:52

Message withdrawn

Blu Fri 19-Aug-05 17:08:02

Steiner schools are much less expensive, i think.

happymerryberries Fri 19-Aug-05 17:09:35

don't they have a sliding scale based on your income as well?

ks Fri 19-Aug-05 17:12:53

Message withdrawn

LIZS Fri 19-Aug-05 17:13:25

I've heard that about Steiner schools abroad and that fees are capped so you don't pay much in addition for subsequent children. Not sure if that applies to all.

hercules Fri 19-Aug-05 17:15:10

Ooh, I thought you meant the times yearly good schools thingy.

IlanaK Fri 19-Aug-05 17:20:54

I have looked at STeiner schools as the educational philosphy interested me. Although Rudolph Steiner House is actually just around the block from here, there are no Steiner Schools nearby. I also have a problem with the whole no tv thing.

bubblerock Fri 19-Aug-05 17:45:02

I've never really looked into private schooling but just had a look at what was near to us - This is close to us and is really cheap compared to the London prices!! The way DS1 is behaving right now I may consider a loan to get him boarding!!

sunnydelight Fri 19-Aug-05 18:40:31

I left the introductory talk at our local Steiner school when they explained that not only did they not use computers at all in the school, but that children were absolutely forbidden to talk about computer/playstation games in the playground as well - my 10 year old would have loved me for that one!!! Most of the independent schools around the Brighton area seem to charge from £1,200 a term for infants, but it increases pretty drastically by secondary age.

lapsedrunner Fri 19-Aug-05 18:45:28

Reference Sunnydelights comments: I didn't even go to see the local Stiener school here in Austria after my neighbour attended an open day. For entry into Kindergarten at age 3 you have to "swear/promise" that your little darling has never, and will never, watch TV! ops

IlanaK Fri 19-Aug-05 18:57:38

The website of one STeiner school in london I looked at acknowledged that we live in the real world and would have tvs. However, your child was not allowed to watch them from SUnday through to Friday morning as this would impact on the schooling!

Jimjams Fri 19-Aug-05 18:58:46

actually I got that wrong. ds2's school is going to be £3600 a year- I was thinking of when ds3 goes as well which is why I had 6 or 7 thousand in my head.


happymerryberries Fri 19-Aug-05 19:00:44

A veritable steal

Socci Fri 19-Aug-05 19:25:57

Message withdrawn

Socci Fri 19-Aug-05 19:26:37

Message withdrawn

JulieF Fri 19-Aug-05 20:16:00

Its probably the downside of being in central London. Here senior school is around 7k a year, primary is under 6k

Cam Fri 19-Aug-05 21:23:54

It's not just area, it also depends on the facilities that the school offers.

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