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fsmail Thu 18-Aug-05 23:35:18

Very sad this I know, but just watched the above programme on Channel 4. To keep things short, could not stand physics as a child. Chemistry had explosions and biology had frogs, physics had nothing. However, above programme made physics interesting so would strongly advise obtaining a copy for schools and children who are studying physics at school to keep the interest going. Anything to make that dry subject interesting is worth trying.

mumxfour Fri 19-Aug-05 00:34:36

hi there fsmail I was on a pre-nursing course and we did physics I had not taken this at school and found it fascinating we learnt about energy how it works, calcualations, nuclear energy, atoms, physics mathmatics and much more it was cool and can now pass this on to my kids.

fsmail Fri 19-Aug-05 13:26:57

It certainly sounds better than I remember. I wonder what the average 13 year old thinks today.

happymerryberries Fri 19-Aug-05 13:29:59

I'm a biologist, always hated Physics but I have to admit that having taught it at KS3 I have to admit that everything is about physics!

happymerryberries Fri 19-Aug-05 13:33:05

Oh and th average 13 year old probably things that a lot of it is 'boring crap'. But then they think that about a lot of things!

But I still treasure the moment where I showed a class of 12 year olds white light being split into its spectrum of colours and one very jaded, real pain in the ares boy just souted , 'bloody hell, where did those colours come from!'

Great stuff!

mumxfour Fri 19-Aug-05 23:02:48

great thread fsmail lets hope one day our next generation think that physics is cool.........

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