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Grrrr, ffs, not again!

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Bucharest Sun 08-Nov-09 18:01:31

Just sold carseat.....(I use the word "sold" optimistically) I'm in Italy, but am British, so sell on both UK and Italian ebay.....I only accept Paypal over here, as Italian bank charges etc are bonkers.....

So, she bids, she wins, she mails me to see if she can pay with some prepaid credit card thing- Now, I don't know if she pays with this thing it will go into my Paypal or not...I tell her to read the (fecking) site herself and have a look if she can pay me with it....she's now back saying she doesn't know how this prepaid thing works either....

This is clearly going to go nowhere, so my question is, can the sale be closed immediately, or do I have to wait while she fannies round some more then tells me she doesn't want to go ahead? Do I have to wait the 7 days and then open an unpaid thing and then cancel..?

sixlostmonkeys Sun 08-Nov-09 18:27:31

ask her to either pay with paypal or mutually withdraw from sale

Bucharest Sun 08-Nov-09 19:23:14

Thanks, I'm going to go and do least Sunday night is good for relisting!

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