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Can you cancel bids????

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kidcreoleandthecoconuts Sun 08-Nov-09 12:55:27

I had a few things listed on ebay and the last time i logged on (Fri) I noticed that one item had a bid. I have just logged on and all the my listings have ended as I expected but none were sold. I have looked at the listing of the item that had a bid on it and there is no sign of the bid or bidder. I didn't realise you could retract bids. Where has the bid gone? Or am I going mad?

Yes you can retract bids if it is for one of 3(i think) reasons that Ebay allow.

Tidey Sun 08-Nov-09 13:03:00

Buyers can retract bids, yes. They have to fill out a form with the item number and then give a reason for the retraction, eg they entered the wrong price, and then the bid is cancelled. I believe people can get into trouble with eBay if they do this too much, in case they are just bidding and then deciding they don't want it after all.

kidcreoleandthecoconuts Sun 08-Nov-09 13:14:00

Oh that's ok then...I thought I was going mad! Was only for 1.49 euro fgs. Oh well I'll relist it. Thanks for the answers smile

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