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I know this is technically my own fault, but seller is being a w*nker

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Flightattendant Fri 06-Nov-09 07:15:39

I bought something on Buy it now about a month ago.

I was waiting for a paypal refund at the time, which was then placed on 'temporary hold' as they do when you have had a successful claim sometimes, so couldn't use it to pay, and the seller requested payment within 2 days of the listing end. (stated on listing though technically he is obliged to wait 7 days)

I emailed to say it would take longer, he said fine, you can have 7 days...then I decided it wouldn't fit, and asked him to cancel the purchase.

I know this was a nobby thing to do, and my own fault. However I apologised, and offered to send him his fees through paypal, which he agreed to and offered to relist the item if I did so.

I sent him a few quid as requested by him, he left me good feedback, I also mentioned that he could cancel by mutual agreement and get his final value fee as well, so he wouldn't be out of pocket at all...I had already said that if he wanted to give me a strike I'd accept it, but this was before the arrangement with my sending him his fees and I assumed, as he said, that the matter would be forgotten.

He also requested feedback from me which I left in return.

Today I have found an unpaid item case opened about it...I am really fed up, because he said in his email that he would forget about it if I sent him the fees. So he was just being disingenuous and is obviously still pissed off with me about it and wants me to have a strike.

I doubt there's anything I can do, but wanted to have a bit of a rant as he is clearly such a git.

And I am sure I deserve it for being a non payer, but still - it's not very nice.

WhatDidISayRoy Fri 06-Nov-09 07:23:20

are you saying he left you positive feedback and now wants to file an unpaid item? He sounds mad.

Flightattendant Fri 06-Nov-09 07:36:54

Ah just got an email. He said he thought it was the only way to get his final value fee back, didn't realise there was a mutual cancellation option...I've told him to tick the 'we have agreed' box but don't know if there is one now he's opened the dispute.

Ho hum. At least he isn't being horrible!" I can live with a strike if it's 'accidental'...has anyone got a UPI open as a seller at the moment and can tell me whether he is able to choose to close it mutually at this point?

WhatDidISayRoy Fri 06-Nov-09 08:50:15

i believe you can tick something which says it has been resolved.

ilove Fri 06-Nov-09 17:27:05

You need to reply to the unpaid item dispute, he can then click "close case" which gives him the option on "we have mutually agreed not to complete the transaction"

He doesn't get that option until you reply though.

Flightattendant Fri 06-Nov-09 18:47:54

Thanks guys.
Unfortunately they changed the format of UPI disputes last week, so there's no option at all to reply, not sure either pay or you don't.

He can close it after four days though, and there ought to be an option to mutually cancel when he does...have been told this by ebay CS and have forwarded info to him...not heard any more.

I am not sure if he is just being arsey. I did call his bluff and asked him to confirm the total, maybe that worried him a bit as if I'd paid he'd have to send it, and he resold it weeks ago!

Cheers for your help.

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