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Extortionate fees for selling baby clothes - am I missing something?

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melpomene Thu 05-Nov-09 14:07:49

I've been listing clothes sized 2-3 yrs and 3-4 yrs on ebay, and was able to list them without any insertion fee.

Now I'd like to list some clothes sized 18-24 mths, so I changed to the baby clothing category and drafted my listing. Now it is telling me that the fee is 90p for a single item with a start price of 99p! I have one extra picture (12p) but no other extra options. I experimented with switching the category back to girls' clothing but keeping everything else the same, and the 90p fee disappears?

Surely this can't be correct? What is going on?

SNOWBall4girlz Thu 05-Nov-09 18:02:28

untick picture package as in sme categories it is free but not in baby clothes and the liting fees should be 0.00p

SNOWBall4girlz Thu 05-Nov-09 18:02:58

spelling again sorry

melpomene Thu 05-Nov-09 21:45:39

Thanks, finally found picture package and deselected it and the fee has gone.

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