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Help needed for novice ebayer, please...!

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CreviceTool Tue 27-Oct-09 20:37:42

I've only been on ebay a few months. Have been buying random bits and bobs, but recently bought a new set of roof bars for my car from an ebay shop.

They weren't the most expensive ones on the market (pretty darn cheap actually!) but I only want them for transporting my bike once every few months. They were advertised as end of stock, so were reduced, so I'm guessing they have no more in stock.

Anyway, long story short - the packaging was flimsy as hell, as I was carrying them into house (after collecting from depot because of missed delivery even though I was in) the bars broke out of the end of the box and the end caps shattered on the floor.

I emailed the seller who emailed right back saying they'd send replacement end caps. This was on the 19th October. I took into account the strikes and reckoned they'd be with me in a few days, but I still haven't received them. I emailed again on the 24th Oct. They reassured me they were in the post, but I still haven't received them.

Can someone tell me what to do now, please? Do I open a dispute or email them again?

I've not left feedback yet because I believe the transaction isn't complete. Do you think they're dragging their feet because of this? Or because it was end of stock and they have no more end caps to send?


You need to allow around 2 weeks for delivery especially with postal strikes.

CreviceTool Tue 27-Oct-09 20:52:01

Thanks for reply.

I only query it because I orderded something yesterday and it was on the door mat this morn!

Thought that something sent 10ish days ago may be here already.

But if it's still not here by 2 weeks - then what? Can I dispute? As it's the replacement damaged bit I'm waiting for, not the actual item.

I do love the idea of ebay...

Seller may not have sent anything but there is no way of knowing.
Maybe ask if they have a tracking number for the item.
Pretty sure after 14 days you can open a dispute which i guess will come under replacement not received or something like that.

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