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ilovesprouts Tue 20-Oct-09 04:04:09

i have an account with ebay/pay pal,i have to verify my account ,so i put my deatails in and wit for the two small deposits to go in ,and when i get them i get 3 chancers of doing it and then my bank gets blocked and i have to start all over again ,i have 15 items to pay for ,im getting so mad and ticked off ive emailed pp /ebay 2 and no reply ,any advice b4 i get strikes and barred angry

eyetunes Tue 20-Oct-09 06:50:32

i have paypal and remember doing the 2 small transactions but cannot remember what you do once they are in? Have they deposited them in yet?

If you have 15 items to pay for then i would get postal orders and send them straight off today. Tha last thing you need is bad feedback. Also let all your sellers know what has happened and that postal orders are on their way.

Paypal are very slow at responding to your enquiries, so don't expect much to happen same day.

ilovesprouts Tue 20-Oct-09 09:36:18

oh yes ive had two lots of them but after 3 times my banks locks and i have to do it all over again, also ive let my sellers no ,its just a pain

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