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Friggin paypal

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lukeysmummy Fri 16-Oct-09 19:35:52

1st of all really sorry to put this here but could do with a little advice

i sold an item for £52 posted on ebay new user they paid instantly paypal put the payment under review next day i got the email all ok to send so i sent the item straightaway i go an email from the buyer could you send now and they had left a message on my answerphone anyhow i sent it that day special delivery next day a dispute had been opened and the money in my account went on hold i put in th special delivery tracking number and gave all the info paypal wanted the item hadnt been delivered as they were out however it was delivered the day after kept emailing paypal saying that they had received it blah blah i have done this everyday well today they have given the monety back to the buyer saying i wasnt covered by seller protection WTF i sent it when paypal told me too and too the address they told me too send it too
i have rang them but basically they say im not covered but it will get reviewed im a little confused how can they do this bloody useless so and so's

anyone offer me a wincey bit of help cos i am soo angry

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