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Arsey buyers - why don't people READ your listing info - I can see why some people just can't be faffed with the hassle of selling on ebay!

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MadreInglese Fri 16-Oct-09 11:45:37

I listed some items that were leftover from a charity fashion sale, stating that all the money is going to charity, I'm not a professional seller, blah blah, and I would endeavour to post all items within one week of receiving cleared payment (knowing I can't often get to the PO)

They finished on Monday and I have today set aside to post the items as I knew I wouldn't get to the PO before today.

Just had an arsey email from one buyer along the lines of "when will you send this item as I paid promptly for it and I am very disappointed that it has not yet arrived!!!!" (there are four exclamation marks FFS)

Would it be acceptable to reply that I have sent the item today, and that I did state clearly on my listing that I would post within a week? I can see her leaving crappy feedback.

southeastastra Fri 16-Oct-09 11:47:15

yes say that but be as polite as possible (even if it kills you grin) not worth the hassle.

we had an email from someone who won an item on sunday and on monday sent a message asking where it was. he was in brazil too grin

Iklboo Fri 16-Oct-09 11:48:07

Yes I would cut & paste your original listing if possible too

mustrunmore Fri 16-Oct-09 11:50:54

Did you put that in the listing, or just in the postage info bit at the end? Its easier to miss if its only in the instructions at the end, although of course buyers should read everything before they buy!

I'd reply saying thank you for the prompt payment, and that you will indeed be able to post out within the week as clearly explained on your listing. And because I'm a bad person, I'd probably add a little cheeky comment, along the lines of 'perhaps you've mixed up my listing with another purchase, and forgotten that I am selling for charity and clearly stated I couldnt post out every day?'

Might be worth reminding of postal delays too, just so you dont get backlash for that too!

MadreInglese Fri 16-Oct-09 11:53:21

Yes clearly in the listing in large letters and in the seller posting info bit

Cut & paste good idea

MadreInglese Fri 16-Oct-09 11:54:53

I didn't think that was an unreasonable length of time to post something, esp as I made it clear I'm not a professional seller and it was a charity sale

I've not sold much before but have 100% buyer feedback, I'll be peeved if she leaves negative, think I'll have to be uber polite on this one as you say

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