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Large Dora talking house & accessories to sell on Ebay. Pick up only or offer courier? Which courier?

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Have a large Dora talking house plus accessories to Ebay. I would like to choose pick up only but to get the chance of more bids i'm thinking the choice of courier would be a good option.
What would you do or which courier is best?

TrinityHasAVampireRhino Fri 16-Oct-09 11:43:27

Can I buy it from you please?

TrinityHasAVampireRhino Fri 16-Oct-09 11:43:47

you can choose the courier grin

TrinityHasAVampireRhino Fri 16-Oct-09 11:44:11

I'm worried about christmas and the two young girls would LOVE that

TrinityHasAVampireRhino Fri 16-Oct-09 11:44:40

<babble babble>

smile Hi TR. Sorry popped out to walk the mutt grin.
I would be very happy to sell to you.

like this one i have the tree house plus Dora and papa and boots i think.

TrinityHasAVampireRhino Fri 16-Oct-09 20:41:17

Thats lovely

my email is if you would like to let me know how much you want for it smile

Email sent smile
<< wonders where i can find a box big enough! >>

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