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I've been had, haven't I?? Feel so stupid. WWYD

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Tryharder Thu 15-Oct-09 18:29:28

OK, I listed a Mini Boden T shirt and got just over £4 for it. The buyer paid me within a few days by E cheque which as you all know takes some days to clear and until it does you are not advised to send your item.

However, because I am a kind and trusting person, I posted the item to the buyer straight away.

I then saw that she had deregistered from ebay (she had an ebay shop). I thought no problem because the paypal transaction was still going through.

However, I have just seen that she has cancelled the paypal transaction.


OK, I know I was stupid, etc etc but is there anything I can do other than going round to her house (obviously I have her address) and smashing her windows or making nuisance calls to her house at 3am.

I haven't rung her yet, is that a good idea? I just want to to tell her, if she needs £4 that badly to steal it off me, then I would have written her a cheque.

So any suggestions anyone? Obviously no use contacting ebay/PP as they will just say, well you shouldn't have posted it then.

OnlyWantsOneFartleBerry Thu 15-Oct-09 20:33:28

call her - I would

busybutterfly Thu 15-Oct-09 21:50:09

I would call her too and ask her to return the t shirt as they payment has been cancelled - you have nothing to lose by asking. Good luck.

motherlovebone Sat 17-Oct-09 21:42:58

yeah, i would call, and 'explain' the situation, must have been an oversight.

on the whole though, people are great...try not to let it get to you, you have done nothing wrong.

Tiredmumofdjandbabies Sun 18-Oct-09 20:16:48

any news?

Tryharder Sun 18-Oct-09 21:31:18

My DH is going to ring her - it's a bit late now as i have been working over the weekend and have only just sat down after a hellish day so tomorrow hopefully. DH is a bit scarier more assertive than me and will get the right tone across hopefully.

thisisyesterday Sun 18-Oct-09 21:48:12

i would definitely report it to ebay and paypal, there is no reason why you shouldn't

yes, it would be wise to wait and post. but that doens't mean you're responsible and hav eto let people steal from you

i would also get your DH to mention that you will be informing the police if ebay/paypal fail to act on your behalf

iheartdusty Sun 18-Oct-09 21:57:15

gawd, did she really do all that for the sake of a £4 t-shirt??

some people just defy sense.

fwiw, I agree with thisisyesterday, this is theft and you could involve the police - cancelled cheque etc would all show up on paypal records.

up to you whether you do or not.

Ifeelsovulnerable Sun 18-Oct-09 21:57:52

thats just crap angry for you

AitchTwoToTangOh Sun 18-Oct-09 21:59:38

isn't it more likely that it's an administrative error? that would be my tone, tbh, 'i'm glad you like the t shirt but could you check with echeque cos that payment looks like it's gone wrong?'

jemart Sun 18-Oct-09 22:09:31

I've had similar thing happen to me in the past. My buyer kept saying her parcel hadn't turned up. I sent her proof of posting but she kept pushing for a refund, it was £1.50, so guess what? I refunded it.

If so small a sum of money matters that much to someone they must be pretty desperate.
Pity them, add to blocked bidders list and move on.

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