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Anyone used My Hermers courier

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pollykettlechips Sun 11-Oct-09 07:02:19

I have quite a few things to post in the next few weeks (bulky) and saw an ad in a magazine for My Hermes. On the website they looked really cheap - other couriers I've been looking at on line charge far more for the same weight of parcel.

Anyone used them? Any problems?

mammyto1 Sun 11-Oct-09 07:18:54

I haven't tried them but did use and they are around the same prices when you get to 2-5kg. They were very good.

pollykettlechips Sun 11-Oct-09 08:51:40

Thanks. Doing a search on here i see a parcel2go seems to getting the thumbs up. Will take a look at their webite.

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