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How do you deal with unjustified negative feedback as a seller if you can't leave negative feedback yourself?

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LatinDAISYcal Sat 10-Oct-09 20:12:23

Got some stinky feedback from a buyer, inspite of me dealing with her complaint within hours and agreeing to refund the full amount plus return postage in spite of this being at odds with my returns policy. Her feedback makes it look like she had to fight for a refund as well angry

I have posted a response to her feedback on my feedback page, but I have to leave her feedback and am smarting at having to rate it as a positive transaction when it has been anything but for me. My feedback has been exemplary until now and I'm really smarting about this.

Can I just ignore it? or do I have to respond?

Saltire Sat 10-Oct-09 20:15:43

Do you have to leave her feedback? I ahve stopped leaving feedback for any buyers who are awkward.
Ebay only cares now about buyers, soon though they wll have no sellers left! Everyone will leave

Lilyloooohhhh Sat 10-Oct-09 20:15:55

I wouldn't have left feedback for her tbh as it only increases her + suck it in , the first one sticks after that you see that for every unreasonable ebayer the majority are nice
People will look at your whole % and feedback
Mine is down to 98 from 100 as someone made a big fuss about something , i offered refund etc they didn't wnat that , think they wanted refund and to keep item.
At the time was furious now i just take it on the chin , the downside of ebay i guess

LatinDAISYcal Sat 10-Oct-09 20:35:06

Can I just decide not to leave them any feedback then? I thought I had to leave it!

I do hope people read my other feedback as I have an excellent track record until this. and this was in the same week that I sold a pram that had a broken bolt (it was BNIB and I hadn't even tried to open the pram up), and then arranged a courier to pick it up from the buyer, took it to the mfr personally to get it repaired and then sent it back, and offered a 10% refund for the hassle factor (which was kindly declined). I am not an unreasonable seller!!

I think I am being a bit too precious about it, but I hate people thinking badly of me....maybe ebay is the wrong place for me hmm

mrsjammi Sat 10-Oct-09 20:37:37

Message withdrawn

tellnoone Sat 10-Oct-09 20:42:33

You can send them a request through ebay asking them to change their feedback, giving them reasons. I think you only get one chance to ask and must do it within 30 days of them leaving their negative feedback.
It might be worth a shot, you can say you feel their feedback is unfair considering you were helpful and gave a full refund.
I'm going through this myself at the minute, so know how you feel.

LatinDAISYcal Sat 10-Oct-09 20:49:58

I've done that tellnoone.....before I realised she had given me less than 100% on communication, postage and dispatch as well. I would have struggled to communicate any slower to be honest.

I'll just not leave any for her as I doubt that she'll change her comments. She also said my items were grubby and not new, even though they were.

Lesson learnt I think.

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