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International buyer unable to pay for item. Help!

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Diege Mon 28-Sep-09 20:16:39

I've had this happen twice now in the last few weeks. Buyers from USA and Hungary respectively have tried to buy an item using BIN (requires immediate payment). They have been unable to put in international postage rates and the only way we've got round this is by them putting down a uk address, paying uk postage, and then me invoicing them through paypal for the outstanding postage.
Any ideas as to why this is happening? Would one solution be to drop the immediate payment required thing so that I can send them an invoice? Any help/advice greatly appreciated smile

Diege Tue 29-Sep-09 11:26:53


bubblagirl Tue 29-Sep-09 11:37:20

i would say to drop the immediate payment then you can alter invoice etc never had this problem so not entirely sure but think that would help just put in listing payment required within 3 days or something also easier if buyer paying for more than one item then you can alter invoice for the postage for more than 1 also

sixlostmonkeys Tue 29-Sep-09 11:41:18

do you have international p&p filled in on your listings?

Diege Tue 29-Sep-09 11:56:24

Thanks for your responses smile.
SIXLOSTMONKEYS, no, I don't have it ticked which may well be the problem, although I don't have problems with p&p/international buyers when they win through auctions, just BIN. I listed something yesterday and ticked the international box, but notice that it only seems to allow you to out in a flat rate postage for all overseas buyers; surely this would vary depending on what 'zone' the buyer was from?
BUBBLA, think that would be sensible actually as have had a few international sellers who are waiting until other auctions have ended to pay.

sixlostmonkeys Tue 29-Sep-09 15:19:16

I'm sure if you fill in the p&p it will solve this problem - fill in the 2 amounts; one for europe and the other for the rest of the world

Diege Tue 29-Sep-09 22:10:13

Thank you SIXLOSTMONKEYS, I'll try that when I next list smile

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