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Ebay is driving me up the wall.

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FimboFortunaFeet Mon 28-Sep-09 10:34:11

Trying to buy inline skates for dd, tried to bid last night on a pair after asking the seller if I could buy in cash as they live in the same village as me, I don't have paypal. Ebay wouldn't accept my bid as the seller had stated paypal, which is far enough, I guess it was down to me to ask the seller to change the payment methods available, but is there an option for cash? So valuable sleeping time lost due to waiting to put my bid in at the end of the auction. Fair enough I suppose. Tried to email seller after the auction to explain what happened as the skates also didn't sell as they didn't reach their reserve, I think my email has been blocked by Ebay because it will look like I am trying to do a deal outwith Ebay. Grrr.

Today I see another pair, in an Ebay shop, buy it now, all payment methods accepted including cheques. So I try to BIN but it will not let me bid because I do not have a credit card registered on file! I do not want to register a credit card. It says something about the seller being able to lift the restrictions.

Arrgh all I want to do is buy a reasonably priced pair of skates, as I can't get them at childs prices as my dd is size 6 feet.

lynniep Mon 28-Sep-09 10:44:01

If the seller chooses they can put a 'collection' option, which is how you can pay by cash. Not all sellers want a collection, but usually they just don't think to add that option - if I'm looking in my area I always email them to ask if they accept collection and they usually do but have just forgotten to add it.

The seller can choose to block people with certain statuses - hence you not being able to BIN - the seller has clearly stated they dont want someone to bid who has no credit card registered. Likewise for the paypal only auction.

The sellers are trying to protect themselves which is fair enough. If you want to stop being blocked, then I'd get a paypal account. You dont have to use it. It wont happen straight away though - probably a week or two to set it up.

FimboFortunaFeet Mon 28-Sep-09 10:52:30

Thanks Lynnie makes sense now, just frustrating. The 2nd seller has emailed back to say she will keep a pair aside and I can do cash on collection. Have responded and said yes, but I am not sure if Ebay will block my email, as this I suppose is a transaction outwith Ebay and I have no other way of contacting the seller other than Ebay.

lynniep Mon 28-Sep-09 11:06:04

I dont know but I doubt ebay will block your messages - it may block transactions but I can't see why it would stop you emailing a seller. The seller obviously recieved your first email so theres no reason why she shouldnt recieve future emails.

FimboFortunaFeet Mon 28-Sep-09 11:15:31

Thanks Lynnie. Was just going by the Ebay blurb that says it will block or delay sending messages if they think it looks fraudlent.

But hooray I am not pixxed off anymore! grin

The seller responded and I am going to collect the skates sometime this week. Dd will be delighted and so am I at the price £7.99 for brand new skates.

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