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So I'm now convinced that ebay likes to see sellers get the shitty end of the stick

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Flibbertyjibbet Sun 27-Sep-09 22:25:25

Sold an item last sunday. Large and bulky. Stated clearly local pick up only.

Buyer bids at the last minute from 200 miles away but says its ok she will send her own courier, 'all' I have to do is parcel the thing up and presumably take a day off to wait for her courier.

I kept saying that she should have checked before bidding, she keeps emailing again about how easy it is to wait in and parcel something up for courier.

I asked if we can cancel the transaction on the grounds that she 'bid in error' she says she will cancel but will neg me.

I email ebay under their 'feedback extortion' report thing with copy of her email, they can't do anything until she actually leaves any bad feedback.

In the meantime she pays by paypal knowing she can't come to collect, she I refund her the paypal asking why did she do that as she knows she can't fulfil the buyer requirements.

Paypal tell me I can only get my final value fee (about £5) back via an unpaid item dispute!! I tell them I can't open an UID as she will just pay then I'll be back to square one!

So tonight as 7 days has passed I put in a request to her to cancel the transaction. But guess what, if she agrees to the request, or ignores it, I get my fvf back.

However if she disagrees with the request to cancel, the dispute is automatically closed and I don't get my final value fees back!!

So, thanks ebay. This removal of the right to feedback for sellers has us all completely stuffed. An awkward buyer can bid on something they shouldn't, make demands that weren't in the listing whilst threatening to neg the seller. But if the buyer won't agree to cancel the transaction, the seller just has to kiss goodbye to the fees.

I hate ebay. why did they remove our right to leave feedback for buyers? It just can't be right that I've had a week of shitty emails from the buyer, replies from ebay basically saying 'tough shit' and NOTHING I CAN DO.


<<and..... breathe>>

spicemonster Sun 27-Sep-09 22:33:30

It's about time ebay started treating the people they make their money from with some respect. I wish someone would start an alternative service which protects sellers as well as buyers.

Flibbertyjibbet Sun 27-Sep-09 22:37:02

I did a car boot sale last sunday, got rid of a ton of stuff, ok at half the price (or less) than if I'd ebay'd, but the people came, saw, paid and went, and I never need to hear from them again!!

I think I will go back to putting a card in the newsagents windows grin

ILoveStripeySocks Mon 28-Sep-09 08:31:51

This is mainly because you sold a collection item, and ebay os definitely not the place for that (as I have explained before). You are right though, ebay do seem to prefer sellers, and power/business sellers even more!

LoveBeingAMummy Mon 28-Sep-09 08:34:27

If she wants it that bad then she'll had to send a courier when you are available to be there.

Flibbertyjibbet Mon 28-Sep-09 10:48:42

Ilovebeingamummy - she does want it bad, but I am not accepting a courier.
I've been scammed before over a large item. I wanted the buyer to come in person, agree on it, pay, take it away everyone happy. I have explained this to the buyer and all I get is 'oh you just have to put it in a binbag and I'll send a courier'.

She wants it so badly as I found she has another account that she just sells on the things she buys, on buy it now prices much higher than she wins things for - which she will if she only bids on local pick ups (which always go cheaper) and then sends her own courier.

Yes I know ilovestripeysocks, but you see lots of things for local pickup only and I never thought anyone would intentionally ignore that request!

Me I am just too polite and considerate!

I am only going to buy from ebay now, and then I'll have to donate to charity shop/womens refuge etc when we are done with things. So the buying 2nd hand and giving away will hopefully balance out with buying new and selling later!

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