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Slightly complicated feedback question- anyone help?

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purplepeony Sat 26-Sep-09 22:40:18

Just recieved an item- a Lancome mascara, which I think might be fake. I went to the seller's feedback to check their ratings and comments and see FEEDBACK IS PRIVATE.

It says that if you make your feedback private you cannot sell.

Does this mean that the seller changed feedback to private after selling recent items?

I can see overall feedback figures including 2 negatives and 5 neutrals for the past 3 months, which is not good. I can't see what they are selling, so don't know if they have had issues with cosmetics generally.

any ideas?

WriggleJiggle Sat 26-Sep-09 23:12:20

It doesn't matter what their previous feedback was like. You give your feedback based on your experience.

Why do you suspect it to be fake?

purplepeony Sun 27-Sep-09 09:47:40

I suspect it to be a fake because there is a slight variation in the packaging, there is no serial number on the mascara tube, which you get on all Lancome mascaras, and the brush is different from the one in the same product I bought from the Lancome counter.
Have contacted seller and ebay.

The point is, they have made their feedback private AFTER the close of sale- so it is impossible toleave feedbackc omments.

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