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Can you complain about buyers on ebay? I've been ripped off

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spicemonster Sat 26-Sep-09 09:32:25

I sold my Allerhand changing bag for a tenner to a bloke who said that it was significantly not as described and got really nasty when I disputed it and opened a dispute in paypal. I'm really new to selling on ebay and didn't want the hassle so I told him to send it back and I'd refund him the money. It took him weeks to return it (he said he'd slipped a disc and had lost my address hmm) but it eventually arrived. I refunded him the money without really looking at it. Now I have and it's clear that he's used it as it's just filthy and I'm not sure I can even get all the stains off to resell it

I haven't got a leg to stand on have I? Can I warn other sellers about this bloke as he's clearly a bit of a scammer.

It's really put me off ever selling anything else on there - there's no protection for sellers at all is there?

sixlostmonkeys Sat 26-Sep-09 11:43:28

you only need to refund if he returns it in its original state. state your case to paypal - they can see the photos on the listing and you can forward all communications and a photo of the state it was in when it was returned

Knickers0nmahead Sat 26-Sep-09 20:22:58

TBH, you have already refunded him so I doubt there is anything you can do now.

spicemonster Sat 26-Sep-09 20:45:45

I'm sure you're right knickers. I shall be more savvy next time Is there any protection for sellers though? My sister was telling me about a nightmare she had with a bloke who she sold something to as well. Is it a pretty common problem?

motherlovebone Mon 28-Sep-09 22:50:57

i sold a silk top on ebay, buyer complained it wasnt silk (it was labelled) and a fake (french connection) she returned the item, inside out, with hair on, perfume and deoderant marks & i had to refund her. she wanted postage both ways and returned the top with a freepost label from her workplace. the top was handwash only and i had to wash her party from it. yuck. have some other stories too, but that one REALLY took the biscuit.

IsItMeOr Thu 01-Oct-09 21:54:06

Oh no! I've just listed my first ever item on ebay and am now getting a bit scared.

vickiadele Thu 01-Oct-09 22:51:01

I sell dvds all the time for my job, 100's a month and ive not had a prob dont worry too much isitmeor

IsItMeOr Fri 02-Oct-09 11:07:52

Thanks vickiadele smile. I am genuinely shocked at the return of the worn top though.

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