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FlyMeToDunoon Tue 22-Sep-09 14:49:30

Sooo if you had an object with a simple mechanical part that worked ok when you were using it, then you dismantled it and stored it around the house, then you listed it and it sold and you waved it goodbye, then the buyer contacted to say the simple mechanical bit did not work.......
You would have to refund wouldn't you?
Because that doubt is there if it was stored something might have happened to it [although you can't imagine what].
Or would you be brave and examine it carefully when it came back to see if it had an obvious break.....but even so would you have a leg to stand on.....?

sixlostmonkeys Tue 22-Sep-09 15:17:34

I'm a bit confused here - but - if an item isn't as described for example broken, then the buyer is entitled to a full refund

FlyMeToDunoon Tue 22-Sep-09 15:24:21

I am confused too!
Can you see that I am not sure the object has been broken whilst with me?
But I am not sure.
It's possible something happened to it for the while it was stored in the house. I have children they do things to stuff you know.

MaDuggar Tue 22-Sep-09 15:45:46

it could have also been broken in transit.

Your buyer deserves a full refund, but you can ask for the item back first.

Tortoise Tue 22-Sep-09 16:57:41

Did you not test it before selling it?
Buyer should get a full refund but i would request the item was sent back to you recorded 1st so you can check it.Then refund after that.

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