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norfolklass Mon 21-Sep-09 11:38:03

Just after some help if possible please!

Have been using e-bay for years mostly to sell DS's unwanted clothes and toys and have been storing loads up to have a mammouth listing session now he has started school but Im having real problems trying to get the picture on my listing...have never ever had a problem before and after me and DH literally spending most of yesterday trying to work it out Im admitting defeat but Ive got about £50 woth of stuff sitting there which I really need to sell so just wondered if anyone had any ideas.

I'll try to describe whats happening but be warned Im totally useless with computers so it might be a bit garbled lol!

Basically when Im doing the listing it goes to the add picture bit and I can upload the picture or pictures I need ok but then it just stops and the picture doesn't then go on my listing. Something comes up saying "Pop up blocked" but I have taken the pop up blocker off so have no idea why thats coming up...the only way I can describe it is thats it like I can upload the pictures but my computer won't let them appear on a public site which is very odd as have been doing exactly the same for years with no problem.

DH went into privacy settings and changed something to say you can show all to public (or something like that can't remember exact words?) but has made no difference.

Only other different thing which has happened is we had to out in a new router on the computer about 3 weeks ago as our one went wrong so we've got a BT Home Hub now instead but can't see how that would cause an issue.

I know its a long shot but please please can anyone help me cause this is driving me insane lol!

Knickers0nmahead Mon 21-Sep-09 12:56:11

Have you tried it on the standard listing setting? Rather than the advanced?

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