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Seller not accepting my payment... what to do....

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Tinkjon Sun 20-Sep-09 08:13:21

I won an item a week ago by something with a feedback of 1. I paid via Paypal (her listing said Paypal was accepted). But the payment is listed as 'unclaimed' and Paypal says the seller is unregistered! I'm thinking this could be a newbie ebayer who doesn't realise that you have to actually sign up with Paypal to receive Paypal payments. However... I have emailed her 3 times and haven't had a single response hmm Is a week not enough time to expect a response? Something smells fishy here - if I were her I'd be wondering where my money was and contacting me to see what the problem was. I would just forget it and open a dispute but I really want the item!

Tinkjon Sun 20-Sep-09 08:13:58

"from someone with a feedback of 1"

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