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Posting to Germany - is this a problem?

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Tinkjon Sat 19-Sep-09 10:17:14

I've just had someone ask me if I'm willing to post to Germany. I'm sure I've seen on several listings recently "I do not post to Germany" - is there a problem with Germany or have I imagined seeing this?! It could just be that one particular seller had a problem with a Germany transaction once and then altered her listings, but I feel like I've seen it on several different seller's pages... any thoughts?

MmeLindt Sat 19-Sep-09 20:30:29

I used to live in Germany (am now in Switzerland) and have never had any problems with getting things from UK posted to me.

Some sellers don't like posting abroad but if the buyer pays through Paypal before you send, then you should be fine.

Lots of Europeans are taking advantage of the strong Euro to buy on Ebay UK at the moment, it is very good value for money for us.

You will not seel half as much stuff if you are unwilling to post at least to Europe, in the last few days I have sent stuff to Germany, Austria, Tokyo and Azerbajan (I don't even know where that is blush but some kid there will be wearing a very cute sleepsuit grin)

I have never had a problem posting abroad, it is really no different from sending stuff in the UK.

Tinkjon Sun 20-Sep-09 07:56:53

Thanks both of you. I have always posted abroad in the past but it was just the Gemany thing that bothered me. Anyway, have since sold it to a lovely lady there who paid straightaway so I guess the listing I saw before was just a one-off thing.

Thanks for your help!

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